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King Baede of Kryta and once king of Lion's Arch was renowned throughout Tyria. Cobiah Marriner had dealt with him once or twice, though only through intermediaries and ambassadors. There was a tense peace between Kryta and Lion's Arch, broken on occasion by skirmishes and trade embargoes, but generally respected.

In fact, Beade did not have the guns to take on the finest navy in the world—or their commander. Taking Lion's Arch by force would require an attacker to be ruthless. They'd have to destroy a navy and slaughter the populace before they'd kneel to a ruler who's not born and bred in the waves. Beade respected that and tried to deal with Marriner, hoping Lion's Arch would return to Kryta in time.

At the time of his death, King Beade had been sick for years, with the Ministry ruling things while he degraded. He is known to have had four children - three sons and a daughter. His eldest son was known to have been a scholar and elementalist, but his name is unknown. The other three were Prince Edair, Princess Emilane and his last son, who was said to be a famous mesmer.*

King Beade's reign was long, beginning 1219 AE at the very latest and ending with his death in 1256 AE. His reign saw the Rising of Orr and resultant abandonment of Lion's Arch, the building of Divinity's Reach, and the purchasing of an asura gate for the new city from the Arcane Council of Rata Sum. He named Edair as his successor. The news of his death was brought to Lion's Arch by the schooner, Gabrian's Comet.


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