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A Henge Away from Home

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A Henge Away from Home is a hidden achievement that is unlocked when the player completes the Sprouting the Druid Stone.


This achievement rewards items. A Henge Away from Home Flashpoint 3Achievement points
Your dedication to nature is proving fruitful, but there is still much to do. Continue to show your respect for Melandru's druids and help bring their magic out into the world again.
Prerequisite: Sprouting the Druid Stone
Reward: The Wayfarer's Henge.pngThe Wayfarer's Henge

Collected 32 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

  • See the specific item page for additional details on how to obtain each.
  • The elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth can easily be acquired from a single location by fighting the elementals around the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance in Malchor's Leap.

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