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Forever Tree

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Forever Tree

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(The Echovald Wilds)
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The Forever Tree is a tree sacred to the Kurzicks, and likely the last of its kind. The Mysterious Warden is bound to the tree, and it is Doireann's Wyld Hunt to help it flourish.


Forever Trees are special trees that were located in the Eternal Grove, a sacred location, and could transform Kurzicks into Juggernauts during a ceremony known as the Awakening. Each Juggernaut was connected with a tree and was granted immortality for as long as that tree lived. Even when destroyed in battle, Juggernauts would resurrect at their tree.

If the Tree Singers, protectors of the trees, stopped singing the Arboreum Songs during the Awakening ceremony, the Forever Trees would become dormant for a full year; however, if they died, the Forever Trees would die too and no more Juggernaut could be created.

At some point, the Ministry of Purity went on to destroy the Forever Trees, while the Juggernauts tried to protect them and the Singers were singing until their final seconds. The Forever Tree in Ferndale is currently the last known in existence; all other trees, Juggernauts, and singers burned together.[1]



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