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Path of the Gods

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The Path of the Gods is a The Desolation achievement that rewards a Path of Fire Mastery Point.


Path of the Gods The Desolation Path of Fire mastery point 7Achievement points
Kneel at the statues of each human god.There WOULD be eight, but nobody could find any statues of Dhuum. Knelt at 1 Statue 1Achievement points
Knelt at 2 Statues 1Achievement points
Knelt at 3 Statues 1Achievement points
Knelt at 4 Statues 1Achievement points


Statue Closest Waypoint or PoI Directions
Point of interest.png
 Ember Heights
This statue is right next to the Hero Challenge just south of the Ember Heights point of interest.
Point of interest.png
 Bleached Pillars
Travel northwest of the Bleached Pillars point of interest. The statue is against the cliffs along the edge of the map.
Point of interest.png
 Bonestrand Garrison
Travel west of Bonestrand Waypoint, across The Spillway. The statue is next to the cliffs at the western edge of The Spillway.
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 The Scourgeway Waypoint
Travel southwest of The Scourgeway Waypoint (stay right of the main southern path). The statue is on the right side of the path on a cliffface.
Point of interest.png
 Revealer Vantage
Start at The Scourgeway Waypoint and travel southwest. The statue is on the northeast of the Revealer Vantage point of interest.
Point of interest.png
 Blind Faith
This statue is right next to the Blind Faith point of interest.
Point of interest.png
 Blind Faith
Travel due east of Blind Faith to the cliff with all the waterfalls. Along the south side of the cliff, on the right (southern) path right in front of a waterfall, is a Sand Portal that will take you to the statue. The sand portal is up in the air so you need to climb cliff on south to get to it.

Related achievements[edit]

  • The Desolation.png The Desolation: Dance Till You DropOne of the last remaining vestiges of Abaddon's power is his abiding hatred of dance. (2Achievement pointsThis is a hidden achievement.)
  • /dance in front of Abaddon's statue to get this achievement. In traditional fashion, doing so will kill you, so /kneel first to avoid having to make a second trip.