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Emotes are chat commands that cause the player's character to perform an animation; a description of the animation appears in the emote chat channel. They cannot be used underwater.

List of emotes[edit]

The /emotelist command will display a list of basic emotes in chat.

Each emote is listed below with the corresponding chat-window text. The Targeted message column shows the text that appears when you direct an emote at the current target, by appending "@" after the emote, e.g. "/salute @".

Some emotes can be used while sitting on a chair placed in the world of Tyria. Novelty chairs do not support any emotes except Victory Rock.

Most emotes are available for all accounts; however, some of them must be unlocked first, as indicated in the following table.

Command Persis-
Sitting Chat message Targeted message Unlock item Animation
English French German Spanish
/beckon /approcher
/señas 0No 0No [Character] beckons. [Character] beckons to [Target].
/bless /bénir /bendecir 0No 0No [Character] is blessed. "bless" Emote Tome.png"/bless" Emote Tome Preview
/bow /reverence
/verbeugen /inclinarse 0No 0No [Character] bows. [Character] bows for [Target].
/cheer /encourager
/jubeln /animar
0No 1Yes [Character] cheers. [Character] cheers for [Target].
/cower /lache /ducken /cobarde 0No 0No [Character] cowers.
/crossarms /brascroises
/cruzarse 1Yes 1Yes [Character] crosses their arms.
/cry /pleurer /weinen /llorar 1Yes 0No [Character] is crying.
/dance /danse /tanzen /bailar 1Yes 0No [Character] is busting out some moves, some sweet dance moves.
1Yes 0No [Character] is upset.
/geargrind /coureur /endlos /corredor 1Yes 0No [Character] does the Gear Grind. How to Dance, Volume 1.pngHow to Dance, Volume 1 Preview
/heroic /héroîque /heroico "Heroic" Emote Tome.png"/Heroic" Emote Tome Preview
/hiss /feule /zischen /bufar 1Yes 0No [Character] hisses in a vaguely threatening manner. [Character] hisses threateningly at [Target]. "Hiss" Emote Tome.png"/Hiss" Emote Tome Preview
/kneel /genoux /hinknien /arrodillarse 1Yes 0No [Character] kneels.
/laugh /rire /lachen /reír
0No 1Yes [Character] laughs. [Character] laughs with [Target].
/magicjuggle /jonglagemagique /magischesjonglieren /malabarmagico 1Yes 0No [Character] juggles with magical lights. "MagicJuggle" Emote Tome.png"/MagicJuggle" Emote Tome Preview
/no /non /nein /no 0No 0No [Character] disagrees. [Character] disagrees with [Target].
/paper /feuille /papier /papel 0No 0No [Character] shows paper. "Paper" Emote Tome.png"/Paper" Emote Tome Preview
/playdead /faitlemort /totstellen /yacer 1Yes 0No [Character] is probably dead. "Playdead" Emote Tome.png"/Playdead" Emote Tome Preview
/point /montrer /deuten
/señalar 0No 0No [Character] points. [Character] points at [Target].
/ponder /cogite /grübeln /reflexionar 0No 0No [Character] ponders.
/possessed /possédé /poseído "Possessed" Emote Tome.png"/Possessed" Emote Tome Preview
/rank[note 1] /rang /rang /rango 0No 1Yes
/readbook /lecture /leerlibro 1Yes 0No ... "Readbook" Emote Tome.png"/Readbook" Emote Tome Preview
/rock /pierre /stein /piedra 0No 0No [Character] shows rock. "Rock" Emote Tome.png"/Rock" Emote Tome Preview
/rockout /hardrock /abrocken /rockear 1Yes 0No [Character] is rocking out! "Rockout" Emote Tome.png"/Rockout" Emote Tome Preview
/sad /triste /traurig /triste 1Yes 0No [Character] is sad.
/salute /salut
0No 0No [Character] salutes. [Character] salutes [Target].
/ciseaux /schere /tijeras 0No 0No [Character] shows scissors. "Scissors" Emote Tome.png"/Scissors" Emote Tome Preview
/serve /servir /servieren /servir 1Yes 0No [Character] serves a hot drink. [Character] serves a hot drink to [Target]. "Serve" Emote Tome.png"/Serve" Emote Tome Preview
/shiver /tremble /zittern /tiritar 1Yes 0No [Character] is shivering. "Shiver" Emote Tome.png"/Shiver" Emote Tome Preview
/shiverplus /tremblefort /zitternplus /tiritarmucho 1Yes 0No [Character] is shivering. "Shiverplus" Emote Tome.png"/Shiverplus" Emote Tome Preview
/shrug /epaules
/schulterzucken /encogerse 0No 1Yes [Character] shrugs. [Character] shrugs at [Target].
/shuffle /shuffle /shuffle /mezclador 1Yes 0No [Character] does the Inventory Shuffle. How to Dance, Volume 1.pngHow to Dance, Volume 1 Preview
/sipcoffee /boirecafé /sipcoffee /sipcoffee 1Yes 0No [Character] sips some hot coffee. "sipcoffee" Emote Tome.png"/sipcoffee" Emote Tome Preview
/sit /asseoir
/sentarse 1Yes 0No [Character] sits.
/sleep /dormir /schlafen /dormir 1Yes 0No [Character] goes to sleep.
/step /esquive /schritt /paso 1Yes 0No [Character] does the Dodge Step. How to Dance, Volume 1.pngHow to Dance, Volume 1 Preview
/stretch /étirement /dehnen /estirarse 0No 0No [Character] is stretching. "Stretch" Emote Tome.png"/Stretch" Emote Tome Preview
/surprised /surpris /überrascht /sorpresa 0No 0No [Character] is surprised. [Character] is surprised by [Target].
/talk /parler /reden
/hablar 1Yes 0No [Character] is talking. [Character] is talking to [Target].
/thx[note 2]
/merci /danke /gracias 0No 1Yes [Character] is grateful. [Character] thanks [Target].
/threaten /menace /drohen /amenaza
0No 0No [Character] is threatening. [Character] threatens [Target].
/unleash /libéré /desatar 1Yes 0No [Character] unleashes their full power. [Character] unleashes their full power at [Target]. "Unleash" Emote Tome.png"/Unleash" Emote Tome Preview
/wave /coucou
/winken /saludar 0No 1Yes [Character] waves. [Character] waves at [Target].
/yes /oui /ja /si
0No 0No [Character] agrees. [Character] agrees with [Target].
  1. ^ /rank is a special case: while it causes your character to perform the /cheer animation, it does not send a message to the chat log like other emotes and can only be used once a minute. It does not work in PvP matches or in WvW. Like the /cheer emote, it can be used while sitting on a chair.
  2. ^ Does not appear on the /emotelist.

Custom emotes[edit]

You can create custom emotes by typing /me, /emote, /em, or /e followed by a space and the text to display as an emote. There are no associated animations for custom emotes, and opponents in World vs World will not be notified of these in their chat logs, they will see "[<world> <rank>] gestures." instead. For example,

  • /me laughs in triumph displays "[Character Name] laughs in triumph" in a gray color, but the character will not perform the laughing emote. If done in World vs World by a player, a foe would see it as: "[World Name] [World vs World rank] gestures."
The display radius of this custom emote chat is abnormally big, at least twice as big as the radius of /say chat.

Targeting emotes[edit]

If you target another player or NPC and include an "@" after a non-custom emote, the emote will be directed toward that player or NPC.


  • /cheer @ while targeting Logan Thackeray displays [Character] cheers for Logan Thackeray .

Note: the "@" is not an actual [Target] variable, so appending "@" to a custom emote just prints the "@" at the end of the custom emote text.


  • /me tickles @ while targeting Logan Thackeray displays [Character] tickles @ and not [Character] tickles Logan Thackeray.

Synchronizing emotes[edit]

Appending an asterisk "*" to an emote (e.g. "/dance *") will put it into a queue which is processed every 5 seconds. This allows for multiple players to do emotes at the exact same time.

Persistent emotes[edit]

Some emotes are persistent - meaning they will not stop until you do a physical action. When you use a skill with an activation time, move, perform an action (including entering combat and looting), sheathe / draw a weapon, or press the Esc key, the emote will end.

Showing your weapons or backpack during an emote[edit]

Players can show their weapon persistently during an emote by opening the hero panel once the animation has begun, and unchecking and rechecking the show/hide box. If first-person camera is enabled in the options, zooming into first-person and back out achieves the same effect. Both methods also work on backpacks.


  • The /rank emote has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • Emotes are unavailable during PvP matches for free accounts.
  • Some tonics can use emotes, see here for a list.
  • Back items will disappear during emotes.


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Emote.
  • The dance emote shows a race-dependent choreography:
  • In the December PvP update, the command /rank was updated to allow /rank [rank_level] to show any unlocked PvP Rank finisher. (e.g. /rank 43 spawns the tiger rank finisher if it is unlocked in the account).
  • While in a transformation, the dance and other emotes are based on which skeleton model the transformation uses (e.g. Lich Form uses a male norn skeleton). Transformations that don't use a skeleton model used by a playable race usually don't have an animation for most emotes.
  • /dance was not available until the August 21st Stress Test. Many emotes from Guild Wars 1 such as /guitar, /flute, and /drum are not in the game but when entered into chat they do not yield an 'invalid command' message. Since this was also true for /dance, many suspected that these emotes would become available in the future. However, /flute and /drum — along with many other musical instruments — have since been made available as Gem Store items instead.
  • Some Molten Alliance enemies in the Cragstead instance are capable of performing a /taunt emote. Performing this emote yourself does not yield the 'Unknown command' message.
  • Throughout the Shiverpeaks, using /kneel in front of altars/shrines gives boons.
  • In Charr territory, using /salute on charr statues gives boons.
  • When using /sigh, /sorry or /yawn; while nothing will happen, the game will also not respond with an unknown command message.
  • Using /shiverplus has the same character animation and description as /shiver, but with extra visual effects such as frosted breath and wind blowing around the character.
  • Using /threaten on ornery crabs turns them to hermit crabs.
  • Some in-game items react to emotes. An example of this is the locked door situated at Bonegrinder's Gully in Queensdale which will open when a player uses the /threaten emote outside it.

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