Malchor the Sculptor

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Malchor the Sculptor

And again, Dwayna, and again, and again, until I have captured your beauty, you. You will be mine! You will be MINE!

— "M"

According to an old legend,[1][2] Malchor was a great artist who carved statues of the Human Gods. After he was done carving their statues, the gods shut themselves away from mankind. But Malchor had fallen in love with Dwayna. He couldn't stand thinking he'd never see her again, so he threw himself into the ocean and drowned. Sailors used to say that the steeples along the Orrian Veil were Malchor's hands reaching out of the sea toward the heavens, trying to touch the gods that left him behind so long ago.


Event involvement[edit]

Event star (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Drive Malchor to the Altar of Tempests (79)
Event boss (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat the possessed statue of Dwayna (79)

Combat abilities[edit]


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Stolen skills


  • Malchor's story is rooted in the Pygmalion and Galatea myth.[3]
  • It is speculated by many that Malchor is the father to Grenth. Grenth was born a half-god, his mother being Dwayna and father was a mortal sculptor; this is one of the greatest secrets of the Church of Grenth.[4] Additionally, it was said that Grenth rose where his father fell—both Dhuum's Last Stand (where the mantle of the godhood was transferred onto Grenth) and Sculptor's End are located within Malchor's Leap.