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Fishing Power

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Increases chance to catch a fish of higher rarity, as well as increases the size of your marker when fighting fish.

— In-game description

Fishing Power.png Fishing Power is an attribute available during fishing that is stated in the hero panel tab Fishing. The current fishing power as well as the recommended fishing power can be found when hovering the hook icon while fighting fish. The attribute improves fishing by granting a higher chance to catch a fish of higher rarity and by increasing the size of your marker when fighting fish. It is available exclusively through the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion.


(1) Controllable bar. (2) Difficulty of the pond (red, yellow or green). (3) Level of fishing party bonus. (4) Progress bar of fishing progress.
  • Fishing power increases the chance to catch a fish of higher rarity, and increases the size of your marker when fighting fish. The marker is not further increased once the equipped fishing power exceeds the recommended fishing power.
  • Players can increase fishing power by equipping bait and lure, by using consumable items, or by catching fish while on a skiff with the Fishing Party mastery.
  • The hook icon on the left while fighting fish changes its color depending on the recommended fishing power and player's equipped fishing power. The icon is green (Hook (green).png) if the player's fishing power is greater than the recommended one, yellow (Hook (yellow).png) if it is barely below the threshold, and red (Hook (red).png) if insufficient fishing power compared to the recommended is used.


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  • The table lists the obtainable Fishing Power values as well as the typical and the maximum obtainable values.
  • Note that the typical obtainable value of 575 fishing power assumes that all five fishing mastery are unlocked and a 150 fishing power food is used. Fishing Party, rare baits or special consumable effects are excluded.
Type Source Fishing Power Typical Maximum
Rod One of following rods can be used: 25 25
Old Fishing Rod.pngFishing Rod 25
Bait One of following baits can be used: 100 150
Haiju Minnow.pngHaiju Minnow 75
Fish Egg.pngFish Egg 100
Haiju Minnow.pngFreshwater Minnow 100
Glow Worm.pngGlow Worm 100
Leech (item).pngLeech 100
Lava Beetle.pngLava Beetle 100
Lightning Bug.pngLightning Bug 100
Nightcrawler.pngNightcrawler 100
Ramshorn Snail.pngRamshorn Snail 100
Sardine.pngSardine 100
Scorpion.pngScorpion 100
Shrimpling.pngShrimpling 100
Sparkfly Larva.pngSparkfly Larva 100
Mackerel.pngMackerel 150
Lure One of following lures can be used: 100 100
Wooden Fishing Lure.pngWooden Fishing Lure 50
Antique Fishing Lure.pngAntique Fishing Lure 75
Amber Fishing Lure.pngAmber Fishing Lure 100
Jade Fishing Lure.pngJade Fishing Lure 100
Infinite Fishing Lure.pngInfinite Fishing Lure 100
Effects One of the following nourishments can be obtained: Crafting buy price 150 150
Whitefish Sushi.pngWhitefish Sushi 30m 150
Yellowfish Sushi.pngYellowfish Sushi 30m 150
Orangefish Sushi.pngOrangefish Sushi 30m 150
Redfish Sushi.pngRedfish Sushi 30m 150
Bowl of Fish Stew.pngBowl of Fish Stew 30m 150
Bowl of Echovald Hotpot.pngBowl of Echovald Hotpot (feast) 60m 150
Bowl of Jade Sea Bounty.pngBowl of Jade Sea Bounty (feast) 60m 150
Flight of Sushi.pngFlight of Sushi (feast) 60m 150
Plate of Crispy Fish Pancakes.pngPlate of Crispy Fish Pancakes (feast) 60m 150
Plate of Imperial Palace Special.pngPlate of Imperial Palace Special (feast) 60m 150
Fishing mastery effects 100 100
Fishing on a Full Tank.pngFishing on a Full Tank (effect while nourished) 100
Fishing Party 0 300
Tier I: 1 fish caught Without mastery: 25 50
Tier II: 10 fish caught Without mastery: 50 100
Tier III: 25 fish caught Without mastery: 75 150
Tier IV: 45 fish caught Without mastery: 100 200
Tier V: 70 fish caught Without mastery: 125 250
Tier VI: 99 fish caught Without mastery: 150 300
The following consumable effects can be obtained: 0 50
PvP Title Scroll.pngTips on Fishing (effect) 60m 50
Mastery Fishing mastery: 100 100
Adds +20 to base fishing power for each tier. 5 tiers 100
Total: 575 975

Recommended Fishing Power[edit]

Location Fishing Hole Fishing Power Related achievement
Seitung Province Shinota Blackfin 0 Seitung Province Fisher (Avid)
Wreckage Site 0
Open Water 50
Rare Fish 150
Shore Fish 150
Offshore Fish 200
New Kaineng City Open Water 150 Kaineng Fisher (Avid)
Coastal Fish 200
Channel Fish 250
Rare Fish 250
The Echovald Wilds Open Water 200 Echovald Wilds Fisher (Avid)
Deep Fishing Hole 250
Lake Fish 250
Rare Fish 250
Grotto Fish 300
Dragon's End Open Water 250 Dragon's End Fisher (Avid)
Quarry Fish 300
Cavern Fish 350
Kryta Open Water 300 Krytan Fisher (Avid)
River Fish 350
Lake Fish 400
Coastal Fish 450
Polluted Lake Fish 500
Shiverpeak Mountains Open Water 350 Shiverpeaks Fisher (Avid)
Lake Fish 400
Boreal Fish 450
Ascalon Open Water 400 Ascalonian Fisher (Avid)
Lake Fish 450
Noxious Water Fish 500
Maguuma Jungle and
Heart of Maguuma
Open Water 450 Maguuma Fisher (Avid)
Open Water (Rata Sum) 500
Freshwater Fish 500
Saltwater Fish 550
Crystal Desert Open Water 500 Desert Fisher (Avid)
Desert Fish 550
Skywatch Archipelago Open Water 450 Horn of Maguuma Fisher
Fractured Lake Fish 250
Fractured Freshwater Fish 500
Fractured Desert Fish 550
Fractured Channel Fish 250
Amnytas Open Water 500 Horn of Maguuma Fisher
Astral Fish 550
Spire Fish 600
Deep Tower Fish 600
Inner Nayos Open Water 550 Horn of Maguuma Fisher
Nayosian Fish 600
Dream Fish 650
Domain of Istan, Dragonfall
and Sandswept Isles
Open Water 550 Desert Isles Fisher (Avid)
Shore Fish 600
Offshore Fish 650
Ruins of Orr Open Water 600 Orrian Fisher (Avid)
Shore Fish 650
Offshore Fish 700
Ember Bay Open Water 650 Ring of Fire Fisher (Avid)
Coastal Fish 700
Draconis Mons Open Water 700 Ring of Fire Fisher (Avid)
Volcanic Fish 750