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Lion's Arch
free pirate city of Kryta
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The Free City of Lion's Arch is a self-governing city of pirate origin built upon the hulls and holds of boats and other salvaged nautical equipment. Once the seat of power and the main trading city of Kryta, Lion's Arch was destroyed by flood when Orr rose from the ocean. After the waters receded, it was rebuilt by mercenaries and corsairs to where it still exists today as the Guild Home and a melting pot to fighters of all races.

Amidst the re-purposed rise of the city, Lion's Arch also contains a portal to the Mists accessible to all that wish to enter. In the past, such portals were few, and even fewer are as accessible today: the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, corrupted by Abaddon, is a trip to near the Dragonbrand; the Tomb of Drascir lies within charr territory; and yet another rests with the Battle Isles, now by Zhaitan's rise sunk deep beneath the sea.


Lion's Arch was once the human capital, a storehouse of knowledge and the seat of the Krytan monarchy. In 1219 AE Zhaitan awoke, raising Orr and causing cataclysmic flooding which forced the humans to abandon their capital and later found Divinity's Reach. The documents housed in Lion's Arch went to the Durmand Priory.

As the flood waters receded, Lion's Arch was rebuilt at its original site. The vast numbers of undead made the coastline completely uninhabitable and many gathered in the ruins for what little shelter the remnant walls provided. The rubble and remains of wrecked ships became the building materials for a new city. Over time as ships were decommissioned they were incorporated into the city which spread over land and water. It became one of the few towns which could hold out against the undead. Ignored by Kryta, which was troubled by its own problems, it accepted all races into its safety. Independently ruled by the Captain's Council, a body of pirate captains whose word was respected, and defended by its own force of the Lionguard, Lion's Arch became a place where all residents could work together without being beholden to any particular race.[1]

Lion's Arch has defended itself against the unceasing stream of Zhaitan's undead for years, and it has become the center of the efforts to combat Zhaitan himself.

Locations and waypoints[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png District   Notes and Landmarks
  Bloodcoast Ward   Aichinson's Zoo • Vigil Centerhouse
  Canal Ward    
  Eastern Ward   Rosewind Tavern
  Farshore Ward   Farmer Hogg's Place • Scarrband Mine • Tokk's Mill
  Fort Marriner   Main Haven Headquarters • Old Lion's Arch Arena • Parade Ground
  Grand Piazza   Cobiah's Column • Commodore's Palace • Gate Hub Plaza • Nova Plaza
  Inner Harbor   Deverol IslandThe Gangplank
  New Town Center   The Undermarket
  Postern Ward   Smuggler's Watch
  Sanctum Harbor   Lion's Gate • Molokk's Spit • Old Lion's Arch
  The Agora   Captain's CouncilTrader's Forum
  Western Ward   Durmond Memorial
  White Crane Terrace   Shuttered Gate



Player versus Player will likely operate out of this city[2] and may be tied to the Lion's Arch arena where criminals choose to fight and possibly gain their freedom than to waste away in prison.

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