Deverol Island

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the original point of interest. For the modern version, see Deverol Gardens.

Deverol Island

Point of Interest
Inner Harbor
(Lion's Arch)
Game link

Deverol Island.jpg
Deverol Island

Prior to the reconstruction of Lion's Arch by the Consortium, Deverol Island was the home of the Marriner family dating back to 1244. The island was razed to the ground during the reconstruction to create the Deverol Gardens.

Getting There[edit]

Starting from the Farshore Waypoint go north and take a left across the bridge.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Chapel Woman: This is going to be a chapel whenever the Consortium delivers it.
Kerryn Deverol: What do you mean, "delivers it?"
Chapel Woman: They're assembling it off-site. When it's ready, they'll airlift it here.
Kerryn Deverol: That's...unconventional.