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Istani Sunspear Base

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Istani Sunspear Base


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The Istani Sunspear Base[1] is the headquarters of the Sunspears of Istan led by Spearmarshal Zaeim. It has been built deep below the restricted archives of the Astralarium on the Domain of Istan. The entrance has been hidden by an intricate ward connected to a book and a keyword within it, triggering a mesmer portal to access the sanctum. The base contains not only the training grounds for new Sunspear recruits but also makeshift cages for caught spies as well as vast amounts of forbidden knowledge that the Sunspears wish to keep safe from Palawa Joko's loyalists.

While searching for the Sunspears to find a way into the city of Fahranur in 1330 AE, the Pact Commander gained access to the Istani Sunspear Base after earning the trust of the gatekeeper, Archivist Salwa. A chat with First Spear Hakima revealed that only Zaeim knew the entrance to the First City and that the Spearmarshal had departed for Champion's Dawn earlier. The Commander left the base to pursue Zaeim while Hakima prepared the Sunspears for the raid on Palawadan, Jewel of Istan.

Getting there[edit]

Speak with Renown Heart (map icon).png Archivist Salwa after completing the renown heart to enter the restricted library. Head down on the right until you find a book entitled "Nightfall." Interact with the book and click through the dialogue to open a portal to the secret base.

Story involvement[edit]

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  1. ^ The instanced location is only called Sunspear Base in the story journal entry for Under the Stars but is clarified in this article as the base for the Istani Sunspears led by Spearmarshal Zaeim in particular to differentiate it from the Vabbian Sunspear base led by Spearmarshal Tahlkora.