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Weapon (Equipped in) Attunement Skill Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Staff (two-handed) Fire Attunement Fireball.png Fireball Cast a fireball that explodes on impact and hits multiple foes.
Lava Font.png Lava Font 6 Make lava erupt from the target area.
Flame Burst.png Flame Burst 10 Burn foes at the target location.
Burning Retreat.png Burning Retreat 20 Quickly roll backward, leaving behind a line of fire that burns.
Meteor Shower.png Meteor Shower 30 Call down a meteor shower onto the target area.
Damage is reduced per target each time they are struck by this ability.
Water Attunement Water Blast.png Water Blast Spray a jet of water at your foe that splashes to heal nearby allies.
Ice Spike.png Ice Spike 6 Drop a giant ice spike on foes to make them vulnerable.
Geyser.png Geyser 20 Create a geyser to heal nearby allies.
Frozen Ground.png Frozen Ground 30 Coat the target area in ice, chilling foes that enter it.
Healing Rain.png Healing Rain 40 Call down a healing rain on the target area, granting regeneration to allies and curing conditions once every three seconds.
Air Attunement Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning Hit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning.
Lightning Surge.png Lightning Surge 10 Charge a lightning surge that damages and blinds foes near your target when it discharges.
Gust.png Gust 25 Push foes backward with a burst of air.
Windborne Speed.png Windborne Speed 25 You and nearby allies gain swiftness, while curing crippled, immobilized, and chilled.
Static Field.png Static Field 30 Create an electrical field that stuns foes crossing it.
Earth Attunement Stoning.png Stoning Hurl a rock and weaken your foe.
Eruption.png Eruption 6 Shake the ground until it erupts and damages foes.
Magnetic Aura.png Magnetic Aura 30 Reflect projectiles with magnetic energy.
Redirect Arrow.pngTransmute Earth.png Transmute Earth 10 Cause the surrounding magnetic aura to violently explode.
Unsteady Ground.png Unsteady Ground 30 Create unsteady ground that foes cannot cross.
Shock Wave.png Shock Wave 30 Create a shock wave that bleeds and immobilizes your target.
Dagger (Main hand) Fire Attunement Dragon's Claw.png Dragon's Claw Fling fire in a claw-shaped spread at your foe.
Drake's Breath.png Drake's Breath 5 Spray a cone of fire at foes while on the move.
Burning Speed.png Burning Speed 12 Slide forward and blast the area, leaving behind a line of fire that burns foes.
Water Attunement Vapor Blade.png Vapor Blade Cast a vapor blade that inflicts vulnerability and returns to you.
Cone of Cold.png Cone of Cold 10 Spray an icy blast in a cone that damages foes and heals allies.
Frozen Burst.png Frozen Burst 12 Detonate a burst of ice that chills nearby foes.
Air Attunement Lightning Whip.png Lightning Whip Lash your foe with lightning.
Convergence.png Convergence 8 Shock foes around you and inflict weakness on them. Gain fury for each foe hit.
Shocking Aura.png Shocking Aura 25 Envelop yourself with electrical energy that stuns nearby foes if they attack you. Each attacker can be affected by this only once every 2 seconds.
Redirect Arrow.pngTransmute Lightning.png Transmute Lightning 10 Cause your shocking aura to violently explode, stunning enemies who are struck by it.
Earth Attunement Impale (elementalist skill).png Impale Spear your foes on a giant stone spike.
Ring of Earth.png Ring of Earth 6 Use the earth to launch yourself into the air and strike foes in a small radius. Deliver a larger ring of earthen spikes upon impact.
Earthen Rush.png Earthen Rush 18 Quickly dash along the ground, summoning spikes along the way and then delivering an area strike.
Dagger (Off hand) Fire Attunement Ring of Fire.png Ring of Fire 15 Damage nearby foes with a ring of fire, burning foes that pass through it.
Fire Grab.png Fire Grab 25 Damage foes in a cone in front of you. Deal more damage to burning foes.
Water Attunement Frost Aura.png Frost Aura 30 Protect yourself with frost armor that reduces incoming damage by 10%. While active, it chills foes that hit you. Each attacker can be affected by this only once per second.
Redirect Arrow.pngTransmute Frost.png Transmute Frost 10 Cause your frost aura to violently explode, healing allies and damaging foes.
Cleansing Wave.png Cleansing Wave 30 Heal yourself and nearby allies, curing conditions.
Air Attunement Ride the Lightning.png Ride the Lightning 30 Ride the lightning to your foe, then strike all nearby foes with an electrical burst. If a foe is hit by the burst, the skill's recharge is halved.
Updraft.png Updraft 40 Gain swiftness from a gust of wind that launches nearby foes.
Earth Attunement Earthquake.png Earthquake 30 Trigger a quake at your location, knocking down foes and dealing massive damage.
Churning Earth.png Churning Earth 30 Make the earth churn, crippling nearby foes before unleashing a seismic wave that damages and bleeds them.
Scepter (Main hand) Fire Attunement Flamestrike.png Flamestrike Strike your foe with flame, and create an area that delivers a lesser attack a short time later.
Dragon's Tooth.png Dragon's Tooth 6 Drop an explosive dragon's tooth on your foe.
Phoenix.png Phoenix 20 Release a fiery phoenix that attacks foes in a line before exploding and returning to you, curing a condition and granting you vigor.
Water Attunement Ice Shards.png Ice Shards Fire three ice shards at your foe.
Shatterstone.png Shatterstone 3 Cast a shatterstone that will explode at the target area.
Water Trident.png Water Trident 20 Cast a water trident that damages foes and heals allies.
Air Attunement Arc Lightning.png Arc Lightning Cast an arc of electricity at your foe.
Lightning Strike.png Lightning Strike 5 Strike your foe with lightning.
Blinding Flash.png Blinding Flash 10 Blind your foe with a flash of light.
Earth Attunement Stone Shards.png Stone Shards Fling stone daggers at your foe to bleed them.
Rock Barrier.png Rock Barrier 15 Envelop yourself in a stony barrier that improves toughness.
Redirect Arrow.pngHurl.png Hurl Hurl the rocks from your barrier at your foe.
Dust Devil.png Dust Devil 15 Blind your foes with a blast of sand.
Focus (Off hand)

Fire Attunement Flamewall.png Flamewall 20 Create a wall of flame at the target area that burns foes.
Fire Shield.png Fire Shield 25 Envelop yourself in a fiery shield that burns foes and grants might each time you are struck (cooldown of 1 second per attacker).|-style="background-color: #F6BEBC;" Redirect Arrow.pngTransmute Fire.png Transmute Fire 8 Use the energy of the fire aura to cause an explosion, damaging enemies and benefiting allies.
Water Attunement Freezing Gust.png Freezing Gust 25 Chill your foe for a brief time.
Comet.png Comet 25 Drop a comet of ice on target foe, damaging and dazing foes in the area.
Air Attunement Swirling Winds.png Swirling Winds 30 Create a swirling wind that blocks projectiles.
Gale.png Gale 40 Knock down your foe with a charged wind blast.
Earth Attunement Magnetic Wave.png Magnetic Wave 25 Damage foes, cure three of your conditions, and reflect projectiles with a magnetic surge.
Obsidian Flesh.png Obsidian Flesh 50 Envelop yourself in stony armor, making yourself invulnerable.
Trident (Aquatic) Fire Attunement Magma Orb.png Magma Orb Shoot a blob of molten rock that explodes after a delay.
Boil.png Boil 8 Boil the water around your foe.
Steam.png Steam 15 Blind your foe with superheated water.
Lava Chains.png Lava Chains 20 Cripple multiple foes with lava chains.
Heat Wave.png Heat Wave 20 Launch three waves of heat. Each burns foes and grants vigor to allies.
Water Attunement Water Missile.png Water Missile Launch a slow-moving homing missile.
Ice Globe.png Ice Globe 10 Shoots a slow-moving orb that detonates upon impact.
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall 20 Create a wall of ice that shatters when touched by enemies or when it expires, dealing heavy damage and chilling foes.
Undercurrent.png Undercurrent 25 Release a current of water to damage foes and regenerate allies.
Tidal Wave.png Tidal Wave 25 Charge forward with tidal force, damaging foes and healing allies.
Air Attunement Forked Lightning.png Forked Lightning Fire three bolts of lightning in an arc in front of you.
Electrocute.png Electrocute 8 Charge the water around your foe with electricity. Enemies currently using an ability are dazed.
Air Pocket.png Air Pocket 12 Release a slow-moving, detonatable air pocket. When it explodes, you teleport to that location.
Redirect Arrow.pngVacuum.png Vacuum Detonate your air pocket to teleport to its location.
Air Bubble.png Air Bubble 25 Trap your foe in an air bubble and make them float to the surface.
Lightning Cage.png Lightning Cage 30 Create an electrical field that stuns foes crossing it.
Earth Attunement Rock Blade.png Rock Blade Shoot three rocky blades at your foe.
Rock Spray.png Rock Spray 10 Spray a cone of gravel to bleed foes.
Magnetic Current.png Magnetic Current 18 Launch a large magnetic force that reflects projectiles along its path, crippling foes that touch it.
Rock Anchor.png Rock Anchor 30 Anchor a rock to your foe, making them sink.
Murky Water.png Murky Water 30 Cloud the water to blind your target and nearby foes.