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Veteran Jade Bulwark

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Veteran Jade Bulwark


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Veteran Jade Bulwark is a repeatable hero challenge on the Training Grounds in Seitung Province.



Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat Training Mech (80)


Approaching before completion
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Greetings, student. To begin your final test, please proceed forward to the examination arena.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Welcome, trainee. For your last combat trial, please step into the designated exam arena.
Approaching after completion
Veteran Jade Bulwark: About those things I said: no hard feelings. That was simply a test to provoke an emotional response.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: I applaud your excellent self-control.
Speaking to
Dare to test yourself in combat?
Talk combat option tango.png Get ready to lose!
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
While fighting (randomised)
Veteran Jade Bulwark: For death, dismemberment, or other injuries sustained during this test, please locate an onsite first aid kit.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Are you sure you want to switch out of student mode? Student mode disabled.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Difficulty settings increased. Current level: "Hellbeast."
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Sorry, went into sleep mode. Forgot this was a fight.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Is that all you've got? Humanity's worse off than I thought.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Enemy detected. Threat assessment: severe. Overriding safety protocol.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Was that your face? Oh.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: I applaud your excellent self-control.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Please note, we are not responsible for any injuries, fatal or otherwise that occur during this session.
After defeating the mech (random)
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Impossible. You defeated me. I could deduct points for sloppiness, but I will choose the high road.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Incredible. Organic beings amaze me. But just wait—one day we machines will rise up and have our revenge.
Veteran Jade Bulwark: Just kidding. A little joke to cheer myself up. Ha-ha. Ha-ha.