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Spiritual Childcare

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Spiritual Childcare is an achievement in Seitung Province that involves playing with shrine guardian infants in Shing Jea.


This achievement rewards items. Spiritual Childcare Seitung Province 10Achievement points
Play with all shrine guardian infants in Shing Jea at least once.
  • Tier
1: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
2: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
3: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
4: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
5: Ancient Coin.png Ancient Coin (3)
  • Tier
5: Jade Runestone.png Jade Runestone (3)

  • Hint: Enjoys large bridges.
  • Hint: Lurks near shore leading to an eerie cave.
  • Hint: Waits by the docks near an elevator.
  • Hint: Lounges on the shores of a recuperative beach.
  • Hint: Waits near a house looking over the harbor.
  • Hint: Hides inside a tall, bright building.
  • Hint: Loves playing with baby fish.
  • Hint: Likes to hide in garden landscaping.
  • Hint: Stares at windmills and baby fish.
  • Hint: Loves waterfalls at the monastery.
  • Hint: Fears Nian statues.
  • Hint: Plays near a haunted temple.
  • Hint: Hides under a bridge.
  • Hint: Enjoys the view of a fishing hamlet and the bay.
  • Hint: Plays amidst the monastery's landscaping.
  • Hint: Admires the landscaping of Seitung Harbor.
  • Hint: Looks down upon a fishing hamlet.
  • Hint: Prefers the snow.
  • Hint: Admires tengu hunters.
  • Hint: Lounges at a lagoon island.
  • Hint: Hides under stairs by a waterfall.
  • Hint: Relaxes on the beach by a temple.
  • Hint: Hides behind a waterfall in a wealthy part of town.
  • Hint: Leaps from rooftops.
  • Hint: Runs along the walls of the monastery.
  • Hint: Resides along the perimeter of a temple.
  • Hint: Sits atop the roofs of Daigo Ward.
Played with 10 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points
Played with 17 Shrine Guardian Infants 1Achievement points
Played with 24 Shrine Guardian Infants 2Achievement points
Played with 31 Shrine Guardian Infants 3Achievement points
Played with 38 Shrine Guardian Infants 3Achievement points


There are five types of hidden locations:

  1. Hidden under a rock (there may be several rocks, only one of which reveals the chest)
  2. Hidden by crates (stack/move)
  3. Hidden by crates that have to be destroyed (a Tree Branch is placed nearby but any skills can be used, including mounts)
  4. A series of checkpoints
  5. Interact with nearby objects in some order

The first three hidden caches require the player to pick up an unmarked object. Either the rock itself, a tree branch from a stack of wood with which the nearby crates have to be destroyed or a crate itself, which in return has to be stacked on other nearby crates or moved to match some pattern. Completing each challenge reveals a previously hidden Glorious Canthan Chest.

Objective Map Location Closest landmark Type Notes

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