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Daigo Ward

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Daigo Ward

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Map of Daigo Ward

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Seitung Province
Connects to
Haiju Plains (N)
Haiju Lagoon (E)
Shinota Shore (W)
Zen Daijun (S)

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Daigo Ward is a residential area in Seitung Province. It hosts the Ministry of Transit and Jade Memorial as well as the large and luxurious mansion of Lady Joon. The district is named in honor of the efforts of a Tengu hero who gained fame during the battle against the Crimson Skull in Haiju Lagoon.

Most of Daigo Ward is an upper class district, although following the crash of the Aetherblade Armada, displaced citizens from the countryside have taken up refuge in the lower area.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Jade Memorial
Point of interest (map icon).png Joon's Mansion
Point of interest (map icon).png Ministry of Transit
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (End of Dragons).png Seitung Province Insight: Affluent House
Mastery point (End of Dragons).png Seitung Province Insight: Shore Peaks



Jade Mechs


Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Unusual Coin (map icon).png Chin-Hwa
Raptor Taxi (map icon).png Raptor Shepherd
Research Merchant (map icon).png Xunlai Jade Sales Associate


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

On the upper levels
Aristocrat (1): She'll have more opportunities in the city. More amenities. Transportation.
Aristocrat (2): But everyone's here. She won't grow up with her cousins. Or you. You know how she loves her grandma.
Aristocrat (1): Trust me, it's not any easier for Grandma. But we all want what's best for her.
Aristocrat (2): And safety! Cities just aren't as safe!
Aristocrat (1): Sooner or later, she'll learn the dangers of the world.
Aristocrat (1): I never would've said this when you were growing up, but maybe it's better she learn them early.
Aristocrat: On second thought, I find my "formal dinner party" garments make me seem trimmer in the waist. Hana, thoughts?
Jade Servitor: You do look very dignified in your "formal dinner party" garments, sir.
Aristocrat: Indeed. Ah, decisions. You know what, we'll go with my "night on the town" garments. I do want to make an impression.
Jade Servitor: You'll make an impression in those, all right...
Aristocrat: Splendid! Now get to it! Wouldn't want to miss Lady Joon.
Aristocrat: Did you attend Joon's last gala? All the big names were there, except...Joon.
Citizen: I had a previous engagement. But I was invited to her jade celebration. Saw the empress. But Joon was...absent.
Aristocrat: You know, I've heard she throws parties as a diversion when she wants to test out new experiments.
Citizen: I suppose no one in power can stop her if they're sloshing in her sitting room. Clever woman. Strange. But clever.
Aristocrat: At the court? My, I bet she and Li are already at each other's throats. Those two are exhausting!
Aristocrat: I'll be staying clear of them. Although, it would be nice to get some face time with Cantha's jade prodigy...'
Jade Servitor: Shall I prepare your "business professional" garments, sir?
Aristocrat: I do look quite fetching in those, don't I? Fine, you may gather them.
Near the Jade Memorial
Commoner (1): I knew it would be tough to visit this place. But... Wow.
Commoner (2): It's a lot, thinking about the past. Things your ancestors went through.
Commoner (2): Makes you wonder, if you were in their situation, would you be strong enough to get through it?
Commoner (1): I like to think so, but... Guess you don't know until you live it. Just pray we never do.
Inside The Ministry of Transit
Automated Greeting: Please take a number from the jar, and we will call on ou shortly.
At the Jade Tech gate
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: Hello, I am the Jade Heights Gatekeeper. I'm here to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for our residents!
Laborer: Damn your residents! Hiding in mansions while the rest of us suffer!
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: Violation detected: You are speaking at a decibel level above the noise threshold for this area.
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: Please lower your volume, or my security feature will activate to remove you from the premises. Enjoy your visit!
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: I'm sorry, this floor is only accessible to residents of the Jade Heights complex.
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: If you are looking to purchase a new home within our community, please consult our main office.
Citizen: Are you kidding me? I can't get to my own home right now! You think I'm here to buy a penthouse?
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: There are currently (pause) zero penthouses available for purchase in our complex. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: Would anyone like to guess the main material used in constructing the Jade Heights recreation area?
Laborer: Can somebody shut this thing up?
Citizen: Should be a manual off switch under is left armpit.
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: I'm sorry, all manner of power settings, including manual, have been temporarily disabled.
Veteran Deluxe Jade Bulwark: Would anyone like to guess how much water is required to fill the rooftop pool and adjoining hot tub?
On the lower level
Airship Crash Refugee (1): You'd think the ministry'd be concerned their people out here are fending off pirates!
Airship Crash Refugee (2): Doubt "their people" is how they see us.
Airship Crash Refugee (3): Course not. Those types just want to get to the top and get rich.
Airship Crash Refugee (3): From then on, all they care about is staying that way. Rest of us be damned
Airship Crash Refugee (2): Well, the farther down they keep you, the easier you are to stomp on.
Airship Crash Refugee (2): Can't believe the ministry's afraid of a bunch of junkyard pirates.
Airship Crash Refugee (1): Well, heard those Aetherblades shot an Elder Dragon. Not sure how I'd handle it either.
Airship Crash Refugee (3): If we were getting paid what they are, they'd tell us to suck it up and figure it out.
Airship Crash Refugee (2): Funny how that works. Huh, think we'll get overtime?
Airship Crash Refugee (3): Bhahaha! Oh, you were serious...