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Old Bell Shrine

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Old Bell Shrine

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Old Bell Shrine is found in Haiju Plains, over the bridge directly south of Haiju Docks Waypoint. It is the trigger for Defeat the Kirin hero challenge that is repeatable.



Before completion
Hero point empty.png A voice echoes in your head, "Hero of a new age, show me how much you've grown since you left your home!"
Talk combat option tango.png Ring the bell.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.
After completion
Hero point.png A voice echoes in your head, "Hero of a new age, come back tomorrow to spar again."
Talk end option tango.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.


  • This Hero point can also be used to combine 25 Quartz crystals into a Charged Quartz Crystal if players have them in their inventory