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Shing Jea Monastery

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Shing Jea Monastery

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Shing Jea Monastery map.jpg
Map of Shing Jea Monastery

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Seitung Province
Connects to
Jaya Bluffs (N)
Seitung Harbor (E)
Training Grounds (SE)
Monastery Bay (SW)

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Shing Jea Monastery is a large and peaceful training center for students of various arts and professions, including the native Canthan Ritualist and Assassin professions. Due to the destruction of Raisu Palace following the Zhaitan Disaster, and the current unrest in New Kaineng City, the monastery is currently serving as the residence and court of Empress Ihn.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Monastery Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Imperial Overlook
Point of interest (map icon).png Monastery Temple
Point of interest (map icon).png Royal Court
Point of interest (map icon).png Secured Gate
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Village Overlook
Vista (map icon).png Shing Jea Monastery Vista —
If you do not have a flying or jumping mount, use this path. From the Monastery Waypoint go up the flight of stairs directly behind it (facing North), then take the right flight of stairs, cross to the bridge, and jump to the roof of the closest building. Then it's simply moving along the roof tops until you arrive at the vista.



Jade Mechs


Profession Scholar (map icon).png Elray
Imperial Favor (map icon).png Myung-Hee
Raptor Taxi (map icon).png Raptor Shepherd
Research Merchant (map icon).png Xunlai Jade Sales Associate


Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Outside the Royal Court
Tengu Scout: You folks at MinSec must be swamped with everything going on.
Ministry of Security Lieutenant: You bet your ass we are. Joon's put the whole empire at risk with the opening, and we're the ones handling the fallout.
Tengu Scout: Things are also pretty crazy at the Ministry of Agricult—
Ministry of Security Lieutenant: They'll let anyone in! Can you believe that? With mainland criminals running amok?
Ministry of Security Lieutenant: Agriculture. Recreation. Zoning. This government's a goddamn bureaucratic mess.
Tengu Scout: You have a problem with the Ministry of Agriculture?
Ministry of Security Lieutenant: I—I'm just saying, in the old days we had ONE ministry.
Tengu Scout: Yes. Those sure were the days.
Above the Royal Court
Aristocrat: Hey, be careful with that! Yokels.
Aristocrat: If you damage the minister's order, you'll be paying for it.
In the courtyard
Priory Arcanist: Been hearing people say "New Kaineng." Didn't it used to just be Kaineng?
Aristocrat: Ah, yes, there was a massive flood when Zhaitan rose. It wiped the whole city out. So we built another. Hence the "New."
Priory Arcanist: Must've been some flood.
Aristocrat: It was more than a hundred years ago, so I've only heard the stories, but yes—"some flood" is an understatement.
Aristocrat: They say it would have destroyed the whole of Cantha if an Elder Dragon hadn't risen from the ocean to stop it.
Aristocrat: Not sure I believe that, though.
Priory Arcanist: So the Ministry of Purity isn't in charge anymore?
Aristocrat: Ah, no, their response to the Zhaitan Disaster left...something to be desired. They fell out of favor.
Priory Arcanist: "Fell out of favor," huh? They weren't "kicked into the sun"?
Aristocrat: There was some kicking involved as well, yes.
Bian: Look at that. MUP at work.
In front of the gate
Worker: First time in Shing Jea?
Xunlai Jade Representative: Yes. It's...quaint. Like Cantha from the history books.
Xunlai Jade Representative: Frozen in time. Just like some people wish the whole country was.
Worker: Maybe tour around a bit before you judge.
Xunlai Jade Representative: No time. I've got a sailing booked in an hour, so as soon as I get these to the minister, I turn right back around.
By the eastern gate
Aristocrat: Wait, so who started the civil war?
Soldier: I have to admit some partiality here, but I'm gonna say the Frost Legion.
Aristocrat: And they're not the same as the Blood Legion. Even though this Bangar Ruiner led both?
Soldier: Ruinbringer. Actually, "Ruiner" is about right. It's all a bit complicated: a sordid tale of family tragedy and betrayal.
Aristocrat: We're no strangers to complicated history. Have you heard of Yian Zho and the Luxon Rebellion?
Soldier: No, but it sounds like a juicy story.
Soldier: You have any idea where to find a good steak around here? Preferably dolyak.
Aristocrat: Dol...yak?
Soldier: You know. Big. Dumb. Furry. Dolyaks.
Aristocrat: I'm not familiar with this creature.
Soldier: (vocalization) This is gonna be a long trip.
Aristocrat: Charr, you say? We don't have cats that look like you in Cantha.
Soldier: I'd, uh, prefer if you didn't refer to us as cats.
Aristocrat: Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. I like cats!
Soldier: That's nice.
By Imperial Overlook
Desperate Painter: I'm sick of these dull country landscapes. I long for the raw energy of city life!
Desperate Painter: The vibrant jade! The bustling streets! The glowing lights! This is where my muse lies.
Desperate Painter: If I can just trick someone into buying these drab paintings. Someone who looks an obvious fool...
Desperate Painter: ...someone so palpably dense that I could charge them a fortune and be on a train to Kaineng tonight!
Desperate Painter: You, there! You look like an individual of class and taste.
Desperate Painter: How would you like to buy a one-of-a-kind Shing Jea portrait? I'll even charge you a special visitor price.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Lotus
Plant resource (map icon).png Potato
Plant resource (map icon).png Sugar Pumpkin
Wood resource (map icon).png Cherry Blossom Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore


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