Bag of Coins

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Bag of Coins.png

Bag of Coins

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire

Double-click to open.

— In-game description


There are different types of bags with different internal item ids that yield different amounts of coins. The following types are known:

Rarity Contents Source
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Fractals of the Mists, Bag of Wondrous Goods, Dungeon boss chests.
Rare Gold coin Scarlet's Playhouse
Fine 11 Silver coin50 Silver coin Enchanted Treasure Chest
Fine Silver coin12 Silver coin Splendid Chest (Southsun Survival)
Fine Silver coin10 Silver coin Splendid Chest (Aspect Arena), Splendid Chest (Snowball Mayhem)
Fine Silver coin14 Silver coin Splendid Chest (Southsun Survival) (during Cutthroat Politics)
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Chest (Aspect Arena), Splendid Chest (Crab Toss)
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Chest (Keg Brawl)
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Splendid Chest (Keg Brawl), Chest (Crab Toss)
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Sanctum Sprint goal chest (second place or lower), Chest (Lunatic Inquisition), Splendid Chest (Lunatic Inquisition), Chest (Snowball Mayhem)
Fine Silver coinSilver coin Chest (Southsun Survival)
Fine 50 Silver coin Visions of the Past
Masterwork 50 Silver coin The Queen's Gauntlet Light Snuffer Achievement
Rare Gold coin The Queen's Gauntlet Pirate Punisher Achievement
Exotic Gold coin Queen's Gauntlet Champion Achievement


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