Beacons of Kryta

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Beacons of Kryta was an activity available during Queen's Jubilee. Take a torch from a torchbearer and race around Divinity's Reach to light all of the Beacons of Kryta.


Speak with a torchbearer and accept the offer to light the beacons. You will be given a torch bundle and be under the "Light the torches in the remaining amount of time" effect while holding the bundle. This starts the Light all the torches before the Flame of Kryta goes out event. Each course gives you 57 seconds to light the nine Beacons of Kryta, each will be shown on your mini-map until lit. Your remaining time is displayed as the effect duration and the number of charges left indicate the number of beacons that need to be lit.

The paths for each run are relatively straightforward (except Lyssa and Rurikton). Keep moving as you pass the beacons. If you are sure you cannot finish in time, drop the bundle to cancel the event.

  • For the Lyssa beacon you want to jump down to the lower beacons placed above the ground level, then run back up the ramp to finish. Note that speed boosts are available to help with this, too.
  • For Rurikton, go behind the herald and up over/around the hill, then head up the left side to light the beacons up near the statue and then hop down to finish the ones "in the middle".


  • Speed Boons speed buff will be retained if applied before you accept the torch.
  • You do not have to stop to light a torch. Run by each torch spamming Light (default key F). The torch will light, and its map marker will go out, a few steps after you pass it.


Lyssa Waypoint, in front of statue. Begin by jumping down from the statue to the temple structure, then work your way back up to the statue.
Palace Waypoint, southwest corner of the upper level dome. The only tricky part to this one is a jump needed in the middle (on the cubical topiary).
Kormir Waypoint, under the ramp leading to Kormir's statue
Rurikton Waypoint, near the Asura gate. Begin by doing the ones up towards the Asura gate, then coming up on the left up towards the waypoint, then hop down to do the middle ones.

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  • Although you cannot boost your speed directly after beginning a run, you will retain any buffs that were in effect beforehand. This includes speed boosters, skill buffs from yourself or other players, and the blessings from the temple plaza priests and priestesses. In addition, other players can grant you swiftness at any time during the run.