Banker Golem (2 weeks)

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Golem Banker.png

Banker Golem (2 weeks)

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

36171, 50085

Double-click to access your account bank from anywhere. Reusable.

— In-game description

Summons a Golem Banker as an ally, providing access to a player's account vault. This item will be disabled two weeks after purchase.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store/unavailable Gem Store (item currently unavailable) 500 Gem


  • This item does not automatically disappear when the two weeks are up; instead, it becomes greyed out and unusable. It can be manually destroyed.
  • This item was first made available with the Queen's Jubilee release.
  • You can store the gemstore purchase in your inventory or bank indefinitely. When consumed, it will create (after confirmation) the actual Personal Golem Banker in your inventory that will stay active for 2 weeks and 1 hour. The timer ticks even when the account is not logged in. When activated, it will create an NPC that other players can see but cannot interact with.

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