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A node farm is a cluster of harvesting nodes of the same type. There is exactly one node farm in 22 of the 25 original zones, excluding Wayfarer Foothills, Malchor's Leap and Cursed Shore. The nodes in a farm respawn every 23 hours, similar to rich metal veins, rather than the 1 hour of normal gathering nodes.

All nodes in a node farms are grouped together and share a daily cap of non-bonus gatherings per character, and when the cap is reached any remaining nodes disappear until the entire group of nodes reset. For most node farms the cap is equal to the number of nodes in it, meaning once each node has been gathered once, the whole farm will be depleted whether they have bonus gatherings left or not. Because of this, to maximize the number of gatherings, each node that remains after being gathered once should be gathered again until it stops having bonus gatherings.

Unlimited harvesting sickles will gather all bonus gatherings in a single swing, which greatly helps preventing missing bonus gatherings, but they still won't get any bonus gatherings from the last node gathered in a node farm since gathering that node always depletes the farm.

List of node farms[edit]

Most node farms consist of 8 nodes. Node farms with a different amount show the number in parentheses.

Node (amt.) Region Map Location lvl Area Notes & directions
Lettuce Maguuma Jungle Caledon Forest 01–15 The Rowanwoods Northwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Kraitbane Haven Waypoint, patrolled by jungle raptors.
Lettuce Kryta Queensdale 01–17 Beetletun Farms South of the Shire of Beetletun, in the topmost farm area. Unavailable if centaurs control the area. North of Waypoint (map icon).png Tunwatch Redoubt Waypoint.
Potato Maguuma Jungle Metrica Province 01–15 Akk Wilds Floating island farm, between Waypoint (map icon).png Akk Wilds Waypoint and Hrouda's renown heart
Potato Ascalon Plains of Ashford 01–15 Loreclaw Expanse South of Waypoint (map icon).png Loreclaw Waypoint.
Potato (6) Crystal Desert Crystal Oasis 80 Omiramba Sand Sea Above Point of interest (map icon).png Retreat of the Resolute. Requires a high-jumping mount.
Strawberry Patch Kryta Kessex Hills 15–25 Wizard's Fief Near Isgarren's View. Easy to fall; time-consuming to get back up. SE of Waypoint (map icon).png Cereboth Waypoint
Strawberry Patch Shiverpeak Mountains Snowden Drifts 15–25 Griffonfall South of Svannijem Hold. Guarded by some Owl Griffons. SW of Waypoint (map icon).png Reaver's Waypoint
Strawberry Patch (8) Ascalon Diessa Plateau 15–25 Town of Nolan Near the vista, at the end of a series of jumps. West then slightly South of Waypoint (map icon).png Nolan Waypoint
Strawberry Patch (6) Crystal Desert Desert Highlands 80 Brightwater Inlet North of the heart, along the river. North-northwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Brightwater Waypoint
Spinach Maguuma Jungle Brisban Wildlands 15–25 Karston Chambers Far southeast corner of the map, guarded by trolls including a veteran. South of Waypoint (map icon).png Watchful Source Waypoint
Spinach Kryta Gendarran Fields 25–35 Provernic Crypt On hilltop above the crypt proper; guarded by a veteran ettin. West of Waypoint (map icon).png Provern Shore Waypoint
Grapes Shiverpeak Mountains Lornar's Pass 25–40 False Lake North of Waypoint (map icon).png Demon's Maw Waypoint, on the hill northwest of Greybeard's Landing POI, guarded by a Pirate Vintner.
Grapes Ascalon Fields of Ruin 30–40 Wildlin Narrows Southwest corner of Wildlin Narrows.
Cabbage Kryta Harathi Hinterlands 35–45 Wynchona Woods Go into the swamp/lake between Waypoint (map icon).png Demetra Waypoint and Waypoint (map icon).png Wynchona Rally Point Waypoint and defeat the bandits & Veteran guarding the cabbage cave.
Cabbage Ascalon Blazeridge Steppes 40–50 Heretic Plain North of Waypoint (map icon).png Lunk Kraal Waypoint in the ogre village.
Cabbage Shiverpeak Mountains Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40–50 The Wide Expanse West of Waypoint (map icon).png Wide Expanse Waypoint, Veteran Jotun guarding farm.
Sugar Pumpkin Kryta Bloodtide Coast 45–55 Risewild Hills South of Waypoint (map icon).png Remanda Waypoint zig-zag your way deep inside the troll village.
Sugar Pumpkin Ascalon Iron Marches 50–60 Victium Moors Due west of the Invictus Castrum POI, and guarded by a few Whiptail Devourers. North of Waypoint (map icon).png Bulwark Waypoint.
Cauliflower Shiverpeak Mountains Timberline Falls 50–60 Gentle River Southwest of Thistlereed Grove; Waypoint (map icon).png Thistlereed Waypoint. Guarded by a Veteran Jotun.
Cauliflower Maguuma Jungle Sparkfly Fen 55–65 Orvanic Shore Go through the Hero point cave to get to them. Guarded by a Veteran Hylek Amini Cave entrance north of Point of interest (map icon).png Nicantl Grounds.
Cauliflower Crystal Desert Elon Riverlands 80 Elon Flow Directly southeast of Point of interest (map icon).png Lonely Vigil on the island with harpies all around.
Butternut Squash Ascalon Fireheart Rise 60–70 Apostate Wastes Near the southern lvl 63 Wupwup tribe Heart (of the two to the southwest of the map). East of Point of interest (map icon).png God's Skull.
Butternut Squash Shiverpeak Mountains Frostgorge Sound 70–80 Arundon Vale Just north of the Dragon Tribe Grawl Heart. NE of Waypoint (map icon).png Arundon Waypoint
Artichoke Maguuma Jungle Mount Maelstrom 60–70 Treacherous Depths On island directly south of Waypoint (map icon).png Oxbow Isle Waypoint. Guarded by a Veteran Troll.
Artichoke Ruins of Orr Straits of Devastation 70–75 Bramble Pass Northeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Plinth Timberland Waypoint. Unguarded.
Artichoke Crystal Desert Domain of Vabbi 80 The Necropolis South of Point of interest (map icon).png The Crypts on the nearby hills. Guarded by Scarab. The most direct route can be seen here using either a Springer, Griffon or Skyscale.
Artichoke (4)
Desert Vegetables (4)
Cabbage (4)
Cluster of Desert Herbs (4)
Crystal Desert Sandswept Isles 80 The Ruined Paths Around Point of interest (map icon).png Malor's Ranch.
Cabbage (2)
Cactus (4)
Carrots (4)
Lettuce (3)
Primordial Orchid (3)
Maguuma Wastes Dry Top 80 Uplands Oasis Northwestern corner of the map. Waypoint (map icon).png Vine Bridge Waypoint
The harvesting nodes are not grouped as a farm, and they will will reappear after a while.
Primordial Orchids are added by A Henge Away from Home.
Flax (8) Heart of Maguuma Verdant Brink 80 Jaka Itzel Just northeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Jaka Itzel Waypoint drop all the way to the bottom of the chasm.
Flax (8) Heart of Maguuma Bloodstone Fen 80 Temple of Sacrifice There's an island above Waypoint (map icon).png Ground Zero Waypoint with five flax. Another three can be found by the nearby diving goggles.
Flax (8) Heart of Maguuma Tangled Depths 80 Ogre Camp Just northwest of Ogre Camp waypoint on the canopy level of the map. Start from Waypoint (map icon).png Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint and use the updrafts to reach Point of interest (map icon).png Arboreal Overlook with a short run to the flax fields.
Flax (10) Ring of Fire Draconis Mons 80 Savage Rise Beneath the Druid's Grotto POI in a cave of grubs. Jump down and glide from the edge West of Waypoint (map icon).png Heathen's Hold Waypoint
Desert Vegetables
Cluster of Desert Herbs
Late-Blooming Elon Lily
Crystal Desert Elon Riverlands 80 Whispering Grottos Inside the Whisperring Grottos, southeast of the Point of interest (map icon).png Decimation Bend on map. The amount of each node is random, however, there will always be 8 nodes + Late-Blooming Elon Lily.
Seaweed Ring of Fire Ember Bay 80 Sulfurous Deep Underwater almost directly south of Waypoint (map icon).png Promontory Waypoint
Clam (10) Crystal Desert Crystal Oasis 80 Bay of Elon Underwater, in the northwestern corner of the map.
Clam (10) Crystal Desert Crystal Oasis 80 Bay of Elon Underwater, in the southwestern corner of the map.
Clam (7) Crystal Desert Desert Highlands 80 Transcendent Bay Underwater, in the southwestern corner of the map.
Carrots (6) Crystal Desert The Desolation 80 The Bonestrand East of Waypoint (map icon).png Bonestrand Waypoint, over the water and in a nook to the north (Before Silent Vale).
Winterberry Bush Shiverpeak Mountains Bitterfrost Frontier 80 - Note: A patch consists only of two nodes, only noticeable with Glyph of Bounty.
Seaweed (8) Deldrimor Front Thunderhead Peaks 80 Ice Floe Head northeast of the "e" in Ice Floe's name on the map towards the two icebergs in a line. Dive down to the lake's floor and head north to the first of the 2 patches of 4 seaweed clusters.
Clam (8) Deldrimor Front Thunderhead Peaks 80 Ice Floe Head east of the Point of interest (map icon).png Shattered Bay, along the bottom of the lake.
Snow Truffle (5) Shiverpeak Mountains Bjora Marches 80 Aberrant Forest Inside the Point of interest (map icon).png Boneskinner Den.
Winter Root Vegetables (6) Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Breakroot Basin North of the Umbral Grotto / Petraj Overlook border. Some of these nodes can be harvested multiple times.
Blackberries (4)
Winter Root Vegetables (4)
Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Petraj Overlook Northeast of Point of interest (map icon).png Greattree Hamlet.
Portobello Mushrooms (4)
Potato (4)
Scallions (4)
Verdant Herbs (4)
Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Leadfoot Village Above and below Point of interest (map icon).png Olafson Farmstead.
Potato (4) Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Fort Defiance Just south of the "an" in "Fort Defiance" on the main map.
Clam (6)
Coral (3)
Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Port Cascadia Scattered across the "Port Cascadia" marking on the main map.
Seaweed (4) Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Port Cascadia Southeast corner of the area.
Seaweed (4) Shiverpeak Mountains Drizzlewood Coast 80 Port Cascadia Southeast corner of the area.
Cluster of Desert Herbs
Crystal Desert Domain of Kourna 80 Arkjok Farmlands Scattered around Point of interest (map icon).png Palawa's Benevolence. Start at Waypoint (map icon).png Allied Encampment Waypoint and head northwest.
Cabbage (2)
Carrots (2)
Flax (3)
Herb Seedlings (2)
Potato (3)
Sugar Pumpkin (3)
Soybeans (2)
Zucchini (3)
Cantha Seitung Province 80 Seitung Harbor South of the prison.
Previously, there were 4 Flax. [verification requested]

Respawning regularly and not part of the farm, there are two guaranteed Soybeans on the hillside and sometimes a Cherry Blossom Sapling near the building or on the hillside.
Cabbage (4) Cantha The Echovald Wilds 80 Qinkaishi Basin Northwest corner of the area at the lowest level.
Spinach (4) Cantha The Echovald Wilds 80 Qinkaishi Basin Northwest corner of the area at the lowest level.
Taproots (4) Cantha The Echovald Wilds 80 Qinkaishi Basin Northwest corner of the area at the lowest level.
Sugar Pumpkin (3) Horn of Maguuma Skywatch Archipelago 80 Rata Novus Promenade Northeast of Akeem's Sacrifice.
Cabbage (2)
Sugar Pumpkin (2)
Lettuce (2)
Cayenne Pepper
Potato (2)
Sugar Pumpkin (2)
Strawberry Patch (2)
Zucchini (3)
Hatched Chili Pepper Bush
Ascalon Grothmar Valley 80 Rusty Meadows Around Vista.

Synthesizer groups[edit]

Permanent, easily accessible groups of between 2 and 5 synthesizers. Gathering resources is necessary for crafting and materials gathered may be sold at the Trading Post.

Sapling clusters[edit]

There are clusters of permanent Cypress Sapling nodes at two Statues of Melandru in Orr. These are not true node farms because they respawn after an hour and they are logging nodes, not harvesting nodes; however, they are similar in that they are the only locations in the game with a guaranteed spawn of a large number of logging nodes.

  • Straits of Devastation
    • Waywarde Way - 4 nodes, west from Waypoint (map icon).png Waywarde Waypoint
  • Malchor's Leap
    • Theater of Delight - 5 nodes, southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Pagga's Waypoint

A third alternative for more logging is Siren's Landing. There are a few elder trees in the area (roughly 8) not tightly clustered but an easy jog to collect. Just south of Risen Lowlands along the path, from the R in risen east to the end of the path near the water.

Ore clusters[edit]

There are two ore clusters in Thunderhead Peaks. Each cluster respawns when changing maps or over time, but has a 32 ore limit per character, per day. (Additional gathering strikes do not count toward this limit.)

  • The Weeping Crest - 8 iron ore nodes guarded by cliff bats, on the cliffs southwest of Deldrimor Garrison (across the ravine).
  • The Howling Cliffs - 7 platinum ore nodes guarded by earth elementals, on the cliffs southwest of The Weeping Sisters.
  • From Waypoint (map icon).png Revolution's Heart Waypoint, a skyscale can follow volatile magic trails all the way to the platinum cluster, and then from the platinum cluster to the iron cluster (activating the rift in Sorrow's Cave), gathering volatile magic and experience along the way.

Hidden Garden[edit]

Hidden Garden is a node farm available to people who completed Kudzu III: Leaf of Kudzu collection. 3 Primordial Orchids can also be added by those completing A Henge Away from Home.


  • Originally there was a potato node farm in Wayfarer Foothills at Haivoissen Kenning, but this was later removed.
  • Although not tightly clustered there are 10 Lotus plants along the shore south of Castaway Circus Waypoint in SW Ember Bay.
  • In Bloodstone Fen, there is a Flax farm (8 nodes) located on three of the floating islands above Bloodstone Maw.
    • 1 on the island with the Diving Goggles.
    • 2 on the island due north of the diving goggles island.
    • 5 on the large southern island, 3 on the top level and 2 on the mid level beside the Bouncing Mushroom.
  • In Lion's Arch, just before Rolan's Chest at the end of the Troll's Revenge Jumping Puzzle, there are 8 gathering nodes (2 Root Vegetables, 2 Carrots, 2 Taproots, 1 Young Herbs & 1 Herb Sprouts).
  • It is possible to lose access to some nodes in a farm (for that day). If one follows this sequence:
    • Gather while running (R).
    • Gather at one node, but it still has more gathers available.
    • Run past the now partially-used node (usually due to auto-run).
    • Return to the previously gathered node.
    • The node in question may no longer be active.