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Ice Floe

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Ice Floe

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Ice Floe map.jpg
Map of Ice Floe

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Ice Floe.jpg

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Ice Floe is an area within Thunderhead Peaks. It used to hold dredge oil drilling operations until it was Branded over by Kralkatorrik.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Freedom's Catchment
Point of interest (map icon).png Labyrinthine Mountains
Point of interest (map icon).png Shattered Bay
Point of interest (map icon).png Silent Falls
Vista (map icon).png Ice Floe Vista —
Mastery Insights
Mastery point (Path of Fire).png Thunderhead Peaks Insight: Shattered Bay
Adventure (map icon).png Ice Floe Magnet Run





Ambient creature

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Related to the adventure
Veteran Sergei: Since you're not pointing any weapons at me, I assume you're here to help me deal with my Branded comrades.
Veteran Sergei: I have the unhappy task of killing everyone I've ever loved. And I've been so successful that I'm running low on ammo.
After Sergei shoots one of the Branded Dredge below his tower
Veteran Sergei: Sleep well, Nadia.
Veteran Sergei: Rest in peace, comrade.
Veteran Sergei: "Sergei, you're good with a rifle," they said.
Veteran Sergei: Just trying to make you proud, Mom.
Veteran Sergei: Vladof, you—you I could take or leave.
Veteran Sergei: I suppose I'm grateful my tear ducts are frozen shut.
Veteran Sergei: I never liked you Natasha. Even when you baked me mole-sweets.
Veteran Sergei: Sorry about this, Alexei.
Veteran Sergei: I appear to have lost all capacity to feel emotion. Which makes sense, in this situation.
Veteran Sergei: I was going to break up with you anyway, Oleg.
Veteran Sergei: I don't even remember you. That makes this easy.


Crafting resources[edit]

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Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Boreal Fish
Resource nodes
Dragon Crystal Node.png Dragon Crystal Node
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Orichalcum Vein
Plant resource (map icon).png Clams (Cluster of 6)
Plant resource (map icon).png Seaweed (Cluster of 8)