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Arkjok Farmlands

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Arkjok Farmlands

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Arkjok Farmlands map.jpg
Map of Arkjok Farmlands

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The Arkjok Farmlands is an area in the Domain of Kourna. It hosts a human village, Palawa's Benevolence. Above the village, several Awakened can be seen finishing a massive statue of Palawa Joko.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Heart
Complete heart (map icon).png Respond to the food shortage in Arkjok Farmlands (80)
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Arkjok Kennels
Point of interest (map icon).png Palawa's Benevolence
Vista (map icon).png Arkjok Farmlands Vista —





Renown Heart (map icon).png Clanmarshal Sana


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Inside the village
Villager: I thought about getting out. But I don't know where I'd go.
Farmer: Don't you have family up north?
Villager: I did.
Villager: That gods-damned Sunspears won't let us near our crops!
Villager: Those Sunspears are nothing but trouble. King Joko's probably going to punish us for even letting them in the village!
Villager (1): Plague's just the start. After we all erupt into beetles, he'll come through and Awaken us.
Villager (1): And then he'll use us to kill anyone left. And then he'll Awaken them. And then—
Villager (2): We know, we know. We're doomed.
Villager (1): You see? The scarab plague is here! Right in front of us!
Villager (2): That's a cockroach.
Villager: Here, take it.
Farmer: No, no, I couldn't—
Villager: You have a father to feed. I can go another day.
Villager: I haven't seen Dr. Tasin lately...
Farmer: You didn't hear? No one's seen her since the night the scarab larvae appeared.
Farmer: Left all her things behind and just...vanished.
Villager: All this war—think it'll do any good? Joko always wins in the end.
Orrich: I know you're hungry, little bug. But we need to be patient.
Orrich: Don't throw mud at your brother.
Neelah: Can't just sit around, waiting to starve. I'm heading to the army camp.
Orrich: We're not beggars! We grow our own food.
Neelah: Our food's full of scarabs, thanks to the loyalists.
Neelah: I'd rather share military rations than risk eating contaminated crops.
Orrich: Kids! Your sister's back with food.
Orrich: You brought back more than I expected.
Neelah: They're giving us as much as they can spare.
Orrich: We're lucky we got anything at all. At least there's some kindness in the world.
Statue: I congratulate each and every one of you for living to see the sun rise yet again on Joko's kingdom. I'm proud of you.
Statue: Suggestions for Joko's post-victory title must be submitted by sunset. Names that displease me are punishable by death.
Statue: The Joko Victory Parade will begin at dawn following my triump over the invaders. Attendance is mandatory.
Statue: Do you wish to feel the ache of two hundred years entombed alive? Fail me and you too can live the experience!
Statue: I understand many of you wish to name your children after me. I will not permit a mere baby to bear my name. Stop this.
Statue: Did you know the immortal King Joko invented mathematics? You're welcome.
Statue: All things erode to sand as the centuries pass. All but Joko the Eternal Monarch. It's in the name.
Statue: Pledge your lives and deaths to Joko, and be rewarded with the exhilaration of eternal servitude. Line forms to the left.
Statue: Behold the works of Joko the Transcendent… Does that play? I'm trying on a new title. Just keeping things fresh.
Statue: Boo! (cackle) I do love doing that.
Statue: And now for Joko Rising, a poem in one hundred eighteen parts. (sigh) Hang on. (sigh) I should take care of this.
Statue: Loyal followers: if you find yourself infected with the plague, run to the nearest invader camp. Be useful for one.
Statue: My reach is vast, my vengeance legendary. I alone can liberate you from your dull, falvorless friends and loved ones.
Statue: Attention: please refrain from naming the scarabs—you'll form an attachment. It's why I simply call all of you "worm."
Statue: Joko here. Yes, THE Joko. Your friend and mentor. Your adopted father. Your god. Just saying hello.
Statue: Attention: proper genuflection to Joko requires an angle of no more than thirty degrees of the body from the horizontal. Thank you.
Statue: What is the true meaning of Joko? Looks inside yo— Wait. I've already done that one.
Statue: I am now accepting new volunteers for my amusement parlor. Hm. Effective immediately.
Outside the village
Charitable Soldier: Supplies are getting scarce. That's the most I can give you.
Desperate Villager: Our kids haven't eaten in days...
Charitable Soldier: (sigh) All right. I'll split my own share with you. But don't tell anyone.
Joko Loyalist (1): You sure it's safe to handle these scarab eggs?
Joko Loyalist (2): King Joko trusts us to carry out his will. Even if we did die... It'd be worth it.
Joko Loyalist (1): It really would. Praise Joko!
Joko Loyalist (2): We've been spotted. Get the outlander!


Crafting resources[edit]

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Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax