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The Necropolis

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The Necropolis

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The Necropolis map.jpg
Map of The Necropolis

The Necropolis locator.svg
Location within Domain of Vabbi

The Necropolis is an area in the Domain of Vabbi. The Necropolis is a place of great reverence and mourning. The dead are interred here, with Vabbians appealing for their loved ones to become Awakened. To serve Palawa Joko in death is considered the highest honor.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the living and the dead at the Necropolis (80)
Complete heart (map icon).png Help train the newly Awakened (80)
Waypoint (tango icon).png Necropolis Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Court of the Dead
Point of interest.png The Crypts
Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Mother Tharwa (80)
Vista.png The Necropolis Vista —
  • Use a Springer to reach the ledge on the dome from the rear, then walk around the ledge to the Vista
Adventure (map icon).png Necropolis Embalming Supply Run





Merchant (map icon).png Kadri
Bounty Board (map icon).png Disguised Order of Shadows Agent
Renown Heart (map icon).png Embalmer Boran
Renown Heart (map icon).png Supreme Training Specialist Tozan
Scout (map icon).png Konca



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Awakened Mummy: Oops. That’s the heart. Not sure if that’s going to be a problem...
Awakened Mummy: These burns are going to cause a lot of cracking. That is... not attractive.
Awakened Mummy: Looks like this one never met an animal it couldn’t fry.
Awakened Mummy: You’re going to step quite a bit lighter with all that removed.
Awakened Mummy: That leg is going to have to go. Won’t he be surprised when he’s Awakened.
Awakened Mummy: Could one of you help me pull this cursed bladder out of here?
Awakened Mummy: Considering the way you died, I doubt you had any brains to begin with.
Awakened Mummy: Well, let’s see what sort of treasure this one is holding.
Awakened Mummy: Is that a third lung?
Awakened Mummy: Proof you shouldn’t smoke. I’ve seen miners with pinker lungs.
Awakened Mummy: Never seen one of those before. Fascinating.
Awakened Mummy: Impressive, near flawless. Hardly looks dead. Can you hear me in there?
Awakened Mummy: Got a tough one here. Where’s the sternum saw?
Villager (1): Someday I will enjoy the sweet gift of Awakening, just like my father, and his father, and his father's father.
Villager (2): Praise Joko.
Villager (1): Did you hear that Rashimi was put into storage? I'm shocked!
Villager (2): You must be joking! She was strong, smart, devoted to King Joko...
Villager (1): Exactly. The judge couldn't come to a decision. It's a travesty.
Villager (1): I've never seen the Necropolis bustling like this. What a sight!
Villager (2): Not sure it's a good thing, is it? The Forged and Branded ensure a steady supply of newly dead bodies.
Villager (1): Hmm... Well, I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Regardless, I wish I was dead.
Villager (1): The judges seem more willing to Awaken the dead lately.
Villager (2): That stands to reason. King Joko's army needs more soldiers.
Villager (1): True enough. The invaders must be stopped.
Villager (1): You’re late. I’ve been waiting for so long, I’m surprised I haven’t been drafted into the Awakened army by now.
Villager (2): I got here as quickly as I could. Traveling hasn’t been easy, you know.
Villager (1): The embalmers have been in rare form these past few weeks.
Villager (2): I know. Quality craftsmanship. I've hardly seen better stitching from my tailor.
Villager (1): Ugh! I stepped on an eyeball.
Villager (2): You know what they say—that brings you six years of good luck!
Villager: Shed no tears for the dead. Only those bodies lost forever.
Villager (1): It's so inspiring to watch the Awakened get stronger.
Villager (2): They grow powerful so quickly, don't they?
Villager: There's been a lot of activity down in the vaults. Seems they're opening the crypts, going back decades.
Villager: Oh! Well that explains why I saw some faces I only know from ancient murals.
Noble (1): There's no way I'll allow that backstabber Jeru be Awakened. My voice will be the loudest in the courtroom!
Noble (2): You must be joking! She was strong, smart, devoted to King Joko...
Elonian Royal: What kind of nourishment do you serve the Awakened at dinner parties?
Noble: They aren't particular. Can't taste. Can't digest.
Elonian Royal: Why serve them anything at all?
Noble: No dinner at a dinner party? We're civilized here, not barbarians.
Noble: I saw my great-great-great aunt Asha recently.
Elonian Royal: Oh? How is she doing?
Noble: Stronger than she ever was when she was alive, she tells me.
Elonian Royal: I guess you'll have to take her word for it. But that's lovely.
Elonian Royal: Watching the judges decide the rulings is so exciting.
Noble: Yes, it's quite an unpredictable spectacle. I love the legal process.
Noble: Let's go to the court early so we can get a good view when things get contentious.
Elonian Royal: Yes, but I want a snack first. I can't watch the judges fight on an empty stomach.
Elonian Royal: It's Leta's day for training, isn't it? You must be proud.
Noble: Yes, very proud indeed!
Noble: I'm thankful I could be here for my mother's judgment.
Noble: We should really take better care of these caskets.
Noble: That can't really be a dragon on the horizon.
Noble: It's never too late to cleanse yourself of sin.
Elonian Royal: Let the fires burn away your sins.
Villager (1): ???[verification requested]
Villager (2): If only. But you're right; best to be ready, just in case. And there's no guarantees when it comes to Awakening.
(Only occurs as dusk turns into night)
Elonian Royal: ???
Funerary procession.
(NPCs are random. Dialogue always starts the same way before branching.)
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Bless our dead, Lord Joko.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Long may he reign.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Watch over them on their final steps to Awakening.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Preserve them on this ultimate pilgrimage.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Guide them as they make one last journey.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Let your judges be wise and speak your benevolent will.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Join us in spirit as they approach their absolute judgement.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Bless us, that the court may judge our dead fairly.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: And see our dead join the ranks of your honored Awakened.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: That our dearest departed be granted your eternal gift.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We offer the possessions of the dead to the fire.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We hope that with these offerings, their bodies will be spared the flame.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We offer an effigy of the dead to the flames.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Let their sins be burned away so that they may be reborn anew.
Villager/Noble: Palawa Joko welcomes you.
Villager/Noble: Those of you arriving with preinspected dead, proceed left up the stairs for expedited processing.
Villager/Noble: All others, proceed up the stairs to your right for Joko-approved inspection and processing.
Villager/Noble: Joko’s blessings to you all.
Villager/Noble: Arriving parties with preinspected corpses, proceed up the stairs to your left for preferred processing.
Villager/Noble: All other corpse arrivals, proceed up the stairs to your right for complete processing services.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We didn't have the body preinspected?
Villager/Noble/Mourner: No, we couldn't afford it this time. The toe- and fingernail exam alone costs a small fortune.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: (sigh) I just didn't think the lines would be so long this time of year.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Afraid not. The officials in charge tacked on an organ overuse charge, a defective-limb fee, a wrapping charge...
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Do we have to remain with the remains? I'm not sure I can bear seeing the embalmers do their work.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Let's just hope our dead aren't offended once they've been Awakened.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: I just hope this doesn't make us late for the court proceedings.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: We had the body preinspected?
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Absolutely. I learned my lesson last time. The less time the body rots and fester in the sun, the better.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: The fees were outrageous, but it'll be worth it.
Villager/Noble/Mourner: That's a good news. Public embalming is so embarrassing!
Villager/Noble/Mourner: Money well spent. We can use the extra time preparing our opening arguments.
Near the Bounty Board
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Wicked, ley-enhanced creatures are roaming the desert. What are you going to do about it?
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Fycros Venomweeper is no ordinary iboga. Only a true hero can take down this monstrosity.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Embalmer Eweje has become dangerously unhinged. The contract out on him is up for grabs.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Travelers be warned. A Forged marauder is rampaging nearby. There's a price on its head.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Who is brave enough to go after Dunechaser? This sand lion is a sneaky one.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Check the bounty boards and solve our Forged brutalizer problem.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: The legendary hydra Triq Griz Grolak is on the bounty board. Are you brave enough to take it on?


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
(Patch in the very south part)