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Hidden Garden


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The Hidden garden farm is a personal farm found on the west side of Dierdre's Steps (the same area where the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle takes place) in Mount Maelstrom.

Getting there[edit]

Primary article: Dierdre's Steps#Getting there

Defeat one of the keepers to open a portal to Dierdre's Steps. Each portal stays open for a short time and takes about 15 minutes to reset.


In order to unlock the farm, the collection Kudzu III: Leaf of Kudzu must be completed. Once completed the farm can be harvested once a day per account. The farm contains 2-3 of the various plants planted in the collection.

Primordial Orchid nodes are separately unlocked by completing A Henge Away from Home collection step - Dierdre's Orchard.



Node Count
Zucchini 3
Butternut Squash 3
Carrot 3
Sugar Pumpkin 3
Ghost Pepper 3
Chili Pepper 2
Raspberry 3
Blackberry 2
Strawberry 3
Omnomberry 3
Spinach Leaf 2
Cabbage 2
Primordial Orchid 3

Related achievements[edit]

  • Flashpoint.png Flashpoint: A Henge Away from HomeYour dedication to nature is proving fruitful, but there is still much to do. Continue to show your respect for Melandru's druids and help bring their magic out into the world again. (3Achievement pointsThe Wayfarer's Henge)
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: Kudzu III: Leaf of KudzuWithin sight of a great volcano lies a hidden garden that you must make your own. Tame and raise the plants within this hidden garden to master their secrets, channeling that power into your efforts to create the legendary precursor Leaf of Kudzu. (3Achievement pointsChest of the GardenThis is a hidden achievement.)


  • If a character does not have a Harvesting sickle equipped, no message is displayed and the node is consumed regardless. In order to make node available again, player need to go to character selection screen or switch map. The same is true if no Logging axe is equipped and the character attempts to harvest Primordial Orchids.
  • If a character gets interrupted while gathering the node is consumed.
  • Gathering nodes are not typical plant nodes, as they return 3 items per harvest and have other oddities.
  • There is a total of 35 nodes in a tightly-packed area. If you have completed Kudzu collection, it is highly advised to park one character there for daily gathering.
  • The nodes in the garden don't get extra gathering strikes.
  • Gathering nodes do count towards Daily Maguuma Jungle Forager.