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Fort Defiance

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Fort Defiance

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Fort Defiance map.jpg
Map of Fort Defiance

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Fort Defiance is an area within Drizzlewood Coast. Once captured from the Dominion by the United Legions, it provides various services to allied combatants.

Fort Defiance (Dominion controlled map icon).png Fort Defiance (United Legions controlled map icon).png
Icons when controlled by Dominion (red) and United Legions (blue)

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Verdant Falls
Point of interest (map icon).png Troop Quarters
Vista (map icon).png Fort Defiance Vista —
Mastery Insights
Icebrood Saga mastery point Drizzlewood Coast Insight: Meditative Falls



Charr (after capture)



Wind Riders

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Blood Legion Duelist: Screw Bangar and his pathetic followers. Crecia's a real leader.
Ash Legion Shadow: Wait, didn't you used to say Bangar was a real leader?
Blood Legion Duelist: No! I'd never say that. But even if I did, we can't get stuck on the past. It's not healthy.
Ash Legion Shadow: Psssh.
Iron Legion Marksman: Sometimes, when I'm out standing guard at night, I swear I hear her voice.
Seraph Guard: Huh? Whose voice?
Iron Legion Marksman: What? Nothing. Just thinking out loud...
Ash Legion Shadow: I taught Ryland when he was a cub. Natural leader. Never thought he was capable of something like this, though.
Iron Legion Engineer: Too bad Bangar filled his head with all the wrong ideas.
Ash Legion Shadow: Bangar's ideas are what got Ryland to tribune. They made him what he is...for better or worse.
Ash Legion Spy: Wonder how things are gonna change with Crecia running the show.
Ash Legion Scout: Who cares? Blood'll have to figure all that out. It's their problem.
Ash Legion Spy: And ours. Legions won't mean much when this is over. We'll have bigger stuff dividing us.
Ash Legion Scout: Oh. Stuff like which side we fought on?
Ash Legion Spy: Yeah. And stuff like are we alive or not.
Blood Legion Blademaster: Huh? What was that?
Blood Legion Blademaster: This place is getting to me.
Ash Legion Shadow: I don't get it. My sister always said Bangar was a two-faced blowhard.
Iron Legion Engineer: She might think the charr's future lies with Ryland now. Might be right.
Ash Legion Shadow: I don't care if she is. She's not my sister anymore. Just a traitor like the rest of them.


Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Cypress Sapling
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Salvage Pile.png Salvage Pile
Salvage Pile.png Wreckage
Plant resource (map icon).png Portobello Mushrooms
Plant resource (map icon).png Potato
Plant resource (map icon).png Scallions
Plant resource (map icon).png Mussels

Related achievements[edit]


  • Ambient dialogue triggers upon approaching the related NPCs once the area has been captured by allied forces.


  • Point Defiance, in Tacoma, Washington has a recreation of Fort Nisqually, which is possibly the inspiration for the name.