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Rift Repair

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Rift Repair.png

Rift Repair

Path of Fire mastery point

Path of Fire
Skyscale Mount

Before completion: Learn to use your skyscale's magic resources to close rifts. This will draw out the magic trapped within and reveal new flight paths. 

After completion: Hovering next to rifts will close them and reveal flight paths for your skyscale. Follow them to claim the treasure at the end. But don't miss a node along the way! Your final reward is largest if you touch every node.

— In-game description

Reality Rift map[edit]

Primary article: Reality Rift#Map of Reality Rifts


  • This is a Skyscale mastery.
  • Applies Primed Bottle.png Rift Resonance upon successfully closing a rift. Following and gathering the entire trail of Volatile Magic orbs that spawn will lead to a lesser rift, granting a Mistborn Mote. In Bjora Marches, the orbs give karma instead of Volatile Magic, and the trail rewards 5 Eternal Ice Shards on completion.
  • The Rift Resonance effect and the Volatile Magic orbs for a rift are on a roughly 10-15 minute cooldown: Closing that rift again before the cooldown is over does not grant the Rift Resonance effect, if the respective lesser rift was closed. The collected Volatile Magic/Karma orbs are temporarily replaced by orbs that only refill the endurance bar and flight meter.
  • The Volatile Magic orbs forming the trail always yield 1 Volatile Magic. Karma orbs always yield 25 Karma, not influenced by karma boosters.
  • Rift Repair can still be used after collecting the maximum of 250 Volatile Magic orbs per day and the orbs forming the trail still appear. These no longer yield Volatile Magic however and only refill the endurance bar and flight meter.
The Rift Resonance effect is not always applied when activating a rift. The nodes still spawn, but the completion item is not rewarded and related achievements are not completed. Collecting a few of the initial nodes, returning to the starting point and waiting for the rift to reopen may fix this issue.