Aid Magister Razermane with the preservation of the Old Piken Ruins

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Aid Magister Razermane with the preservation of the Old Piken Ruins

Champion's Shield
(Iron Marches)
Renown NPC
Magister Razermane
You aided in the preservation of the old Piken Ruins
Scout (map icon).png Scout 
Feritax Fatalshot
5,176 Experience.png
480 Karma.png
2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin

Interactive map

Find and return any looted artifacts to the proper tombs, slay any Flame Legion or ghosts who interfere.

— Heart objective


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Search piles of rubble for ancient weapons (5% heart progress) and return them to the appropriate tomb (10% heart progress)
Rusty Greatsword to tomb of Xavier Sharpstone located in the north western corner of the ruins.
Rusty Dagger to tomb of Salilah Swiftdagger located in the south western corner of the ruins, on a raised platform.
Rusty Warhammer to tomb of Artis Underfist located in the south eastern corner of the ruins.
Rusty Mace to tomb of Morris Irongates located on the north side of the ruins.
Rusty Sword to tomb of Tomaris Blackbane located on the eastern side of the ruins.
Rusty Torch to tomb of Bowan Westkeeper located on the north eastern side of the ruins, just below the heart.
  • Defeat any Flame Legion or Ghosts in the area — 3% (Flame Legion), 4% (generic Ascalonian ghosts) or 6% (named ghosts) heart progress.
  • Revive fallen Allies — 5% heart progress

Contributing events[edit]

Event cog (tango icon).png Kill the Flame Legion before they uncover an ancient warhorn (54)
Event boss (tango icon).png Kill the Flame Legion shaman (54)




Flame Legion



Completion mail[edit]


Magister Razermane


Don't listen to the Flame Legion. The preservation of Piken Square isn't about sympathy for the humans. It's about the war that's still raging. In order to defeat the ghosts, we have to understand them. And if that means appeasing them, then so be it.

—Magister Razermane

2 Silver coin 40 Copper coin