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Searing Cauldron

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Ironhead Lake
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The Searing Cauldrons were the tools used by the charr led by Flame Legion to bring forth the Searing in 1070 AE.


Early history[edit]

Approximately two hundred years before the Searing, the Burnt warband of the Flame Legion ventured to the lands surrounding the Hrangmer volcano. Upon their return, the warband claimed to have found gods for the charr at long last to help the High Legions defeat the humans occupying Ascalon in the human-charr conflict. They convinced the shaman caste to swear allegiance to the titans and converted or destroyed any charr who tried to object to the worship of the titans.

The titans gifted the charr with magic artifacts that would be known as Searing Cauldrons or Cauldrons of Cataclysm with which the shaman caste could perform the ritual of the Searing to weaken human defenses. It is said that the cauldrons' magic was older than the charr and presumably older than even recorded history, and forged by ancient entities fallen into sleep and quiescence.[1]

Guild Wars Prophecies[edit]

The Cauldron of Cataclysm was used by shaman Bonfaaz Burntfur to bring forth the Searing, breaching the Great Northern Wall and decimating the Kingdom of Ascalon in 1070 AE. The High Legions brought another cauldron with them when they invaded Orr in 1071 AE although they were unable to use unleash its power when Vizier Khilbron invoked a dark incantation from the Lost Scrolls to cause the Cataclysm which sunk Orr and led to the demise of both the Orrians and the invading charr force, including Flame Imperator Ventus.[2] After these defeats, the charr began to lose ground. Even their victories in Ascalon lost ground and became an ongoing conflict that would last generations.[3]

Personal story[edit]

During the Pact's invasion of Orr to take the fight to the Elder Dragon Zhaitan in 1325 AE, a squad led by Ferghen the Tracker learned that Zhaitan's Risen forces had secured one of the Searing Cauldrons in Orr. However, the Risen took out Ferghen and corrupted him into a minion, after which the Risen Ferghen hunted down his former squad mates one by one. The Pact Commander and Kekt searched for the missing squad only to be ambushed by the Risen and the turned Ferghen. Kekt lost his life, but the Pact Commander managed to best the ambushers and learn about the Searing Cauldron, informing Pact Marshal Trahearne about it.[4]

The Durmand Priory came up with the idea of using the Searing Cauldron against the Risen guarding Orr's strategic locations although the Pact would have to secure the cauldron first before the Risen managed to use it against the Pact. Assisted by Arda Gyreshriek and piloting a special Golem Battle Suit Prototype built for the assault, the Commander located the Searing Cauldron at the Cathedral of Zephyrs and cleared out the Risen so the Pact could claim the cauldron for the next stage of the offensive.[5]

After acquiring the cauldron and transporting it near the Cathedral of Verdance which acted as a staging ground for Risen forces, the Priory got to work. With help from the Commander, Laranthir of the Wild, and Researcher Fero, Researcher Barron activated the cauldron and unleashed the Searing to weaken the Risen forces enough so that the Commander and Laranthir could enter the cathedral to slay the Risen commander, Prince Nekandezzar.[6]




Event swords (tango icon).png Kill the Flame Legion before they complete their ritual (52)


Before completion
Hero point empty.png Over two centuries ago, this massive iron cauldron was used by the charr to ignite the Searing—a destructive wave that decimated their human foe. Though cold and silent, the relic's power still abides.
Talk more option tango.png Commune with this place of power.
With Skyscale Egg Infusions active.
Talk collection option.png Place Egg.
After completion
Hero point.png Over two centuries ago, this massive iron cauldron was used by the charr to ignite the Searing—a destructive wave that decimated their human foe. Though cold and silent, the relic's power still abides.
(if you have all the ingredients in your inventory)
Talk more option tango.png Combine heat to make an Ultra Hot Sphere.
With Skyscale Egg Infusions active.
Talk collection option.png Place Egg.
Talk end option tango.png You've gained all you can from this place of power.

Related achievements[edit]


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Cauldron of Cataclysm.
  • There are reports [1] [2] indicating that the hero challenge does not show the dialog box upon interacting, therefore making the hero point unobtainable; this is probably related to the Skyscale Egg Infusions collections, as the interact DOES work if you need this part of the collection, but otherwise seems to be failing. If you have one or more unobtained hero challenge besides this, you have a chance to unlock this by using the Notarized Scroll of Central Tyrian Heroics.pngNotarized Scroll of Central Tyrian Heroics (The last Hero point will have to be completed in person.)
  • You cannot use the cauldron to produce an Ultra Hot Sphere while Quartz Crystals are also in your inventory in addition to the sphere's ingredients. Instead, you will only be shown the prompt to produce a Charged Quartz Crystal until the quartz is no longer in your inventory or you make a charged crystal at a different hero challenge.
  • A few non-interactive Searing Cauldrons can be seen near Broken Spit Waypoint in Straits of Devastation, half sunken in the water.
    • A Searing Cauldron (unknown if the same or a different one) is also featured in the latter personal storyline in Ruins of Orr, when following the Priory's plan.
  • The Searing Cauldron hero challenge in Iron Marches has been temporarily disabled so that ArenaNet can address an issue.


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