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Shortcut: Drop down from above.

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Zzzig is an ogre found in Lamprey Grottoes that, as a means of staying awake, challenges the player to a duel. Defeat him to earn a hero point.


Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Spar with Zzzig (56)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Heals Pets
  • Immobilizes
  • Inflicts Weakness, Vulnerability and Bleeding
  • Skull Bolas- Throws a bolas made of skulls that inflicts 7 seconds of Weakness, Bleeding, and Vulnerability.
  • Throw- Throws a rock that inflicts 6 seconds of Weakness.
Stolen skills


Hero point empty.png I could sleep until the leaves fall from the trees. I could sleep until you are old and gray. I could sleep...no, I must stay awake. Spar with me. That will work.
Talk combat option tango.png All right. I'll spar with you.
Talk more option tango.png Why are you so tired?
Hero point empty.png It is magic. I looked in the window of a tower and saw a wizard blending potions. He cast me with sleepiness. I sleep all the time now. No dreams of my pets or mate, either.
Talk more option tango.png Why do you want to stay awake?
Hero point empty.png A life of sleep is no good. I miss so much when I sleep. I am tired of sleeping.
Talk combat option tango.png Let's spar then! I'll keep you awake.
Talk end option tango.png I can't. Sleep well.
Talk end option tango.png I don't have time right now.
Hero point.png Thank you for the awake time with you. You will fight better next time. Safe journey to you. I'm going to sit for a while and rest my eyes.
Talk end option tango.png Sweet dreams.


  • Approach him from the water through a cave south and a bit west of the marker, or drop down to him through an entrance directly above him. Be careful with the latter, though, as the drop is easily enough to kill many characters if done in a single fall.


  • The character's name is sort of a play on words from his dialogue which he says he is sleepy.