Help Warden Scourgejaw run the prison quarry

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Help Warden Scourgejaw run the prison quarry

Scourgejaw's Vault
(Iron Marches)
Renown NPC
Warden Scourgejaw
Warden Scourgejaw thanks you for your fine work.
Scout (map icon).png Scout 
Elli Scalesnout
5,456 Experience.png
488 Karma.png
2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin

Interactive map

Motivate prisoners to work faster, throw scourgejaw ore into furnaces to make iron, and give the iron to the guards.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

  • Motivate prisoners — 3% heart progress
  • Put down unruly prisoners — 4% heart progress
  • Mine scourgejaw ore veins — 3% heart progress
    • The weapon swap key can be used to interrupt the gathering of ore veins. The vein will be used up for a few seconds, and ore will appear at the character's feet instead in their hands.
  • Pick up scourgejaw ore and throw it into the smelting furnaces — 2% heart progress
  • Retrieve scourgejaw iron from the furnaces (1% heart progress) and return it to the guards (3% heart progress per iron)




Completion mail[edit]


Warden Scourgejaw

That's Fine Work

We're catching up on our quota, and you've earned yourself a break. I'm impressed. You have either a promising future as a prisoner guard or maybe even as a prisoner. I'm not sure who's more useful to me anymore.

—Warden Scourgejaw

2 Silver coin 44 Copper coin