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Plains of Ashford
Plains of Ashford loading screen.jpg

16 Complete heart (map icon).png 18 Waypoint (map icon).png 26 Point of interest.png 7 Skill point.png

Plains of Ashford map.jpg
1 - 15
Explorable zone
Connects To 
Black Citadel
Ascalonian Catacombs
Blazeridge Steppes
Diessa Plateau

Long ago, the human kingdom of Ascalon occupied the Plains of Ashford. Now, the ruins of that once-great nation tumble across the landscape, and the ghosts of the past haunt any who pass through their territory.

— In-game description

The Plains of Ashford is the charr starting area. New charr players start in the Village of Smokestead.

Map completion[edit]

To get 100% map completion on this map, you must complete:

Completion message
Greetings, Traveler,
Good work exploring all of Ashford. You nearly got your tail kicked, but we're confident you'll go on to do better next time.
You've got the makings of a great explorer.
__Tyrian Explorers Society