Protect the siege team as they approach the wall

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Protect the siege team as they approach the wall

Phasmatis Corridor
(Plains of Ashford)
Ascalon City Ruins
(Plains of Ashford)
Event type
Event shield (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Preceded by
Talk back option tango.png
Defend Swordcross command post from ghosts
Upon success
Talk more option tango.png
Defend the mortars from ghosts
Upon failure
Talk more option tango red.png
Protect the siege team as they approach the wall
Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the siege team as they approach the wall is a level 11 dynamic event that starts at Swordcross Outpost, Phasmatis Corridor, and leads to The Viewing Hill in Ascalon City Ruins.


  • Siege team members alive: 4


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 497
68 Karma.png 16 Copper coin
Silver 423
58 Karma.png 13 Copper coin
Bronze 373
51 Karma.png 12 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 11 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event start
Somna Siegeforger: Find me a good spot, and I'll show those ghosts what Iron Legion mortars can do!
Jyrna Flayspirit: Excellent. I know just the place. Let's set up at Viewing Hill! We'll rain fire down on them and see how they like it.
When encountering a group of ghosts
Ascalonian Citizen: The chickens! Free the chickens!
Ascalonian Citizen: Leave the livestock! We ave to get to Ascalon! The charr are just over the hill!
Ascalonian Citizen: They'll have a better chance of surviving if we free them!
Ascalonian Citizen: We're surrounded! Back to back. We'll hold them off as long as we can!
Ascalonian Adventurer: I'm not going down without taking a few of 'em with me!
Ascalonian Adventurer: If we can get to the breach, we can reach the mountains.
Ascalonian Adventurer: They're everywhere!
Ascalonian Adventurer: Run! Stay close to the wall!
Ascalonian Adventurer: They're slaughtering the king's guard! Run!
Ascalonian Adventurer: Stay and fight! There's nowhere to go!
Event completion
Somna Siegeforger: This place is perfect. Let's set up and fire on those ghosts!


  • This event is only available to start when Swordcross Outpost is intact.
  • This event is triggered when a player enters, or is already inside, Swordcross Outpost.
  • The siege team members cannot be revived, but only 1 team member needs to arrive safely. If all siege team members are killed, this event fails.
This event frequently bugs after a server reset and is not available until the next reset. The destination point is marked on the map and the event details are on screen but there is no sign of the team.