Ember Bay Master

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Ember Bay Master is a Legendary Trinkets collection achievement to gain the Ember Bay Hero medal, a requirement for creating Aurora. This collection is one of seven in the Aurora: Awakening achievement set.


Ember Bay Master Legendary Trinkets 3Achievement points
Collect all 15 items to prove your mastery over Ember Bay.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Ember Bay Hero.png Ember Bay Hero

Heavy Dragonscale Epaulets
Petrified Burl
Pyroclastic Core
Flask of Tears
Friend of the Circus
Friend of the Researchers
Friend of the Skritt
Friend of Science
Mursaat Investigator
Shiny Rock
Tarnished Coin — Hint: Assist in Skrilla's treasure hunt.
Volcanic Scale
Bottle of Skritt Spirits
Slubling Tail
Molten Domination
Collected 15 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Dragonscale Epaulettes.png Heavy Dragonscale Epaulets Complete Rising Flames Mastery.
Petrified Burl.png Petrified Burl Gathered from petrified stumps.
Pyroclastic Core.png Pyroclastic Core Obtained after defeating the pyroclastic jade construct.
Flask of Tears.png Flask of Tears Obtained from the Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of the Circus Win the favor of the circus in Ember Bay.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of the Researchers Assist the asuran researchers in Ember Bay.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of the Skritt Help the skritt encampment in Ember Bay.
Friend of Noran.png Friend of Science Assist Scientist Vratt in Ember Bay.
Friend of Noran.png Mursaat Investigator Investigate the mursaat fortress in Ember Bay.
Shiny Rock.png Shiny Rock Hidden in skritt stashes.
Tarnished Coin.png Tarnished Coin Assist in Skrilla's treasure hunt.
Volcanic Scale.png Volcanic Scale Obtained after defeating Vermignus.
Jug of Confiscated Booze.png Bottle of Skritt Spirits Dropped by Pirate Captain Huuhes.
Slubling Tail.png Slubling Tail Obtained after defeating the sloth queen.
Molten Domination.png Molten Domination Obtained after defeating the molten dominator.