Chalice of Tears

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Chalice of Tears

Point of Interest
Sopor Titanum
(Ember Bay)
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Chalice of Tears.jpg
Chalice of Tears

Interactive map

The Chalice of Tears is the magma lake in the Sopor Titanum volcano. The Skip up the Volcano jumping puzzle starts here.

Getting there[edit]

The easiest way of obtaining the point of interest is through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Sealed Entrance and head south on the top level until you can see a mound, which you can walk up.
  2. At the top of it will be a small hole. Go through it and glide to the other side.
  3. After reaching, jump a few times there until you unlock the point of interest.


The following describes the full path to the entrance of the jumping puzzle, as well as the point of interest:

  1. Travel to the vista in the northeastern corner of Caliph's Steps.
  2. Clamber up to the cliff face overlooking the sea, and glide east (the nearby Lava Elementals might attack you).
  3. When you reach a small plateau on the right-hand side, with what look like steps, instead look for a very small opening to the right, which leads south through a lava-filled tunnel to the point of interest. Try to glide when you drop down towards the lava, as you are heading for a ledge on the left.
  4. To get the point of interest you must run through the lava after the final jump. Immediately turn around and retrace your steps to reach an area of "refreshing mist" that will allow you to regenerate after your fiery escapade.