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Skritt Anchorage

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Skritt Anchorage

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Skritt Anchorage map.jpg
Map of Skritt Anchorage

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Ember Bay
(Heart of Maguuma)
Connects to
Basalt Rise (N)
Ashen Skerries (NE)
Lava Flats (W)

Skritt Anchorage.jpg

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Skritt Anchorage is an area in Ember Bay. It is populated by friendly, hapless marine skritt who've landed here with their ship, the Dread Shiny, and are apparently intent on colonizing the island.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the skritt encampment (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Scratch Gate Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Lava River
Point of interest (map icon).png Rock Face Scratch
Point of interest (map icon).png The Dread Shiny





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Renown Heart (map icon).png Second-to-Last-Or-So Mate Bowz


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Medicine Shaman: They're stranded on the lava rocks! Save them before they cook!
Medicine Shaman: Hurry! Save the stranded and bring them here!
Medicine Shaman: We need to save them! They're stranded!
Recruit Division Commander Skreez: Move those legs! Get sweaty!
Recruit Division Commander Skreez: You call that running? Move your behind!
Pirate in Training (1): Hey ho! Here we go.
Pirate in Training (2): High ho! High and low!
Pirate in Training (1): Hey ho! We're running, running, running.
Pirate in Training (2): That doesn't rhyme, stupid.
Pirate in Training (1): So? Running! Running!
Rhoban: Get the pieces so we can fix the machine. Come on, people! Get it together!
Rhoban: Aye. They get simpler when they scatter.
Rhoban: Why couldn't I be stuck with asura?
Rhoban: We need to finish in time. The whole island may be at stake!
Rhoban: I miss my legs.
Rhoban: They try my patience sometimes...
Scallywag: Me thirsty.
Scallywag: Fire. Fire, everywhere!
Scallywag: Breeze would be nice.
Scallywag: So lucky. So happy.
Scallywag: Hey hey. Ho ho. Ha ha. He ho hum.
Scallywag: Need nap. Tired.
Scallywag: (mouth noises)
Scallywag: I think I have fleas.
Scallywag: Last night I dream of mother. Miss her.
Scallywag: Not know right thing to do. Feelings complicated.
Scallywag: Uh, I needed elsewhere.
Scallywag: That's nice.
Scallywag: I want to go back. Had enough of island.
Scallywag: Island uncomfortable. Air dirty.
Scallywag: Miss the thrill of the open seas...
Scallywag: In Rock Face we trust!
Scallywag: When Rock Face speaks, skritt listen.
Scallywag: He wise. He resilient. He head without body!
Scallywag: If not for him, we be in big trouble.
Scallywag: Destroyers smash body. Head all that's left.
Scallywag: I wonder...How he talks with no lungs?
Scallywag: Just want to make stone head happy. He so grumpy all the time.
Scallywag: I get feeling that captain not like Rock Face.
Scallywag: I get feeling captain overwhelmed. In over her head.
Scallywag: Why else she hate Rock Face? Worried about mutiny for sure.
Scallywag: Maybe we tell her she appreciated more. Make her happy.
Pirate Captain Huuhes: Where's the first mate?
Scallywag: Probably crying in the corner again.
Pirate Captain Huuhes: Hey, you're OK. You know that?
Scallywag: OK always, or just right now?
Pirate Captain Huuhes: This crew does nothing right!
Scallywag: What are you talking about?
When someone enters the tent without the story completed
Rock Face Guard: Stay back. You stay back!
Rock Face Guard: We got company!


  • When trying to enter the tent, Rock Face Guard will kick the player out of it if the related story has not been completed.


Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Coastal Fish
Resource nodes
Wood resource (map icon).png Petrified Stump
Plant resource (map icon).png Mussels