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Tablets of the Unseen

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Tablets of the Unseen is a Rising Flames achievement. It requires collecting all 10 Mursaat Lore Tablets scattered near old Mursaat fortress in Ember Bay.


This achievement rewards items. Tablets of the Unseen Rising Flames 10Achievement points
Read the mursaat tablets scattered around their old fortress."The mursaat are an important piece of Tyrian history." — Ela Makkay
Reward: Magic-Warped Packet.pngMagic-Warped Packet

  • Tablet 1
  • Tablet 2
  • Tablet 3
  • Tablet 4
  • Tablet 5
  • Tablet 6
  • Tablet 7
  • Tablet 8
  • Tablet 9
  • Tablet 10
You Found 1 Mursaat Lore Tablet 1Achievement points
You Found 2 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points
You Found 3 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points
You Found 4 Mursaat Lore Tablets 1Achievement points


All the tablets are scattered around Caliph's Steps.

Objective Location Description