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Most accessible pet locations

Primary article: List of pet locations

The following is an abbreviated list of pet locations, designed for those wishing to charm each pet as fast as possible.

Family Pet Zone Area Notes
Armored Fish Armor Fish Lion's Arch Sanctum Harbor There is a small group of them swimming above the Wreckage of the Breachmaker
Bear Arctodus Wayfarer Foothills Frusenfell Creek In the cave east of Vendrake's Homestead Waypoint
Bear Black Bear Blazeridge Steppes Terra Carorunda East of Terra Carorunda Waypoint
Bear Brown Bear Gendarran Fields Talajian Piedmont In the field south of Talajian Waypoint about halfway to First Haven Waypoint
Bear Murellow Brisban Wildlands Brilitine Swath East of Brilitine Waypoint in Skrittsatawney, head around the north side to enter
Bear Polar Bear Hoelbrak Lake Mourn On the southern shore near the vista
Bird Eagle Kessex Hills Earthlord's Gap Near the Gap Waypoint
Bird Hawk Iron Marches Ebbing Heart Run North of Grostogg's Kraal
Bird Owl Snowden Drifts Owl's Abattoir Outside the ruined shrine. Local events may remove juvenile owls.
Bird Raven Hoelbrak Raven Lodge Outside the entrance to Raven Lodge
Bird White Raven Shiverpeak Mountains Hall of Monuments You must acquire at least 25 Hall of Monuments reward points
Canine Alpine Wolf Hoelbrak Wolf Lodge Go inside, then up stairs on right and head outside
Canine Fern Hound The Grove Upper Commons East of Upper Commons Waypoint
Canine Hyena Fields of Ruin The Ogre Road West of Ogre Road Waypoint, at the point of the first heart you encounter
Canine Krytan Drakehound Divinity's Reach Rurikton Inside Minister Wi's Mansion or in Western Commons in the square area north of the word "Commons"
Canine Wolf Eternal Battlegrounds Umberglade Woods
Devourer Carrion Devourer Iron Marches Champion's Shield In the heart region for Braxa Scalehunter
Devourer Lashtail Devourer Black Citadel Ruins of Rin In the southwest corner
Devourer Whiptail Devourer Black Citadel Ligacus Notos West of the south end of the lake
Drake Ice Drake Wayfarer Foothills Darkriven Bluffs Along the eastern side of the river near the bridge
Drake Marsh Drake Caledon Forest Wychmire Swamp South of Twilight Arbor Waypoint
Drake Reef Drake Southsun Cove Dappled Shores Cave under western tip, access from the beach across from Crab Toss Island. Beware of Reef Drake Broodmother, who likes to hang out in front of the cave
Drake River Drake Kessex Hills Cereboth Canyon Along the river north of Cereboth Waypoint and west of Gort's Pit
Drake Salamander Drake Blazeridge Steppes Relliatus Canyon By the river, southeast of Sentinel Scout Liharn
Feline Cheetah Elon Riverlands Whispering Grottos In a cave northeast of Dragoon Hearth. The entrance is on the surface (above the cave network), you can find the Cheetah after following the tunnel east and then south
Feline Jaguar Brisban Wildlands The Shattered Henge In the canyon running North/South to the west of Scholar Issa Farone
Feline Jungle Stalker Caledon Forest Sandycove Beach West of Bay Haven
Feline Sand Lion Crystal Oasis Sifuri Sand Sea On the dirt path east of Seeker's Village; northeast of the Free City of Amnoon
Feline Lynx Dredgehaunt Cliffs Graupel Kohn East of Havfrue Basin Waypoint just before the road
Feline Snow Leopard Hoelbrak Snow Leopard Lodge On a ledge on the south side of Snow Leopard Lodge
Feline Tiger Dragon's Stand Northern Barbed Gate South of vista at Northern Barbed Gate. (Available without completing meta)
Fish Shark Kessex Hills Viathan's Arm By Krait's Larder west of Overlake Haven Waypoint
Fish Blue Jellyfish Lion's Arch Sanctum Harbor Southeast of Old Lion's Arch, around the southern point of the U-shaped wreckage
Fish Red Jellyfish Rata Sum Dawnside Quay End of Dawnside Quay pier at Rata Sum Port Authority
Fish Rainbow Jellyfish Shiverpeak Mountains Hall of Monuments You must acquire at least 20 Hall of Monuments reward points
Iboga Fanged Iboga Desert Highlands Stampede Uplands Southwest of Highjump Ranch Waypoint
Jacaranda Jacaranda Domain of Vabbi Glowering Overlook Northwest portion of the Glowering Overlook area, in SW of map
Moa Black Moa Shiverpeak Mountains Hall of Monuments You must acquire at least 15 Hall of Monuments reward points
Moa Blue Moa Bloodtide Coast Stormbluff Isle On the north side
Moa Pink Moa Rata Sum Frick Hall On the Research Waypoint side of the bridge
Moa Red Moa Fireheart Rise Apostate Wastes West of Apostate Waypoint
Moa White Moa Snowden Drifts Vitpeln Hills South of Torstvedt Homestead Waypoint on the ledge before the bridge
Porcine Boar Straits of Devastation Plinth Timberland Southeast of Razorslide Bivouac
Porcine Pig Divinity's Reach Eastern Commons West of Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra
Porcine Siamoth Rata Sum Tark Hall In a pen at the south end
Porcine Warthog Diessa Plateau Nemus Groves South of Nemus Grove Waypoint, by the vista
Rock Gazelle Rock Gazelle The Desolation Joko's Domain On mesa to the north directly above Joko's Domain Waypoint. Requires a springer to reach
Saurian Bristleback Auric Basin Bristleback Chasm In the southeast of Weeping Glade
Saurian Smokescale Tangled Depths Teku Nuhoch South of the camp, only if camp is tier 2-3
Spider Black Widow Spider Shiverpeak Mountains Hall of Monuments You must acquire at least 30 Hall of Monuments reward points
Spider Cave Spider Harathi Hinterlands Bonerattler Caverns Head west from Faun's Waypoint to the small entrance; once inside head west
Spider Forest Spider Iron Marches Hellion Forest South of Hellion Waypoint
Spider Jungle Spider Caledon Forest The Rowanwoods West of Kraitbane Haven Waypoint
Wyvern Electric Wyvern Dragon's Stand Wyvern Scar At the Wyvern Nest point of interest, only available after completing meta event step Climb up and retrieve the flamethrower supplies
Wyvern Fire Wyvern Verdant Brink Canopy over Pact Encampment From Matriarch's Perch glide southeast to the patch of land and look west