Juvenile Carrion Devourer

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Juvenile Carrion Devourer.png

Juvenile Carrion Devourer

This carrion devourer is a deadly, ruthless predator. It poisons its foes from a distance, hides underground to ambush them, and can bite them to replenish its health.

— Acht

Juvenile Carrion Devourers are amphibious pets that can be charmed by rangers.

Pet skills and attributes[edit]

Carrion devourer pets use the following skills:

Juvenile Carrion Devourer skills
Skill slot Skill Description
Common to the devourer family
Twin Darts.png
 Twin Darts
Fire two shots from your tail that have a 10% chance to poison.
Tail Lash.png
 Tail Lash
Push back a foe with your tail.
 Devourer Retreat
Retreat by tunneling through the ground.
Poisonous Cloud.png
 Poisonous Cloud
Spit a ball of venom that covers an area with a poisonous cloud.
Regenerate (carrion devourer).png
Gain Regeneration.

At level 80, juvenile carrion devourer pets have the following default attributes:

Attribute Value
Power.png Power 1,524
Precision.png Precision 1,524
Toughness.png Toughness 2,898
Vitality.png Vitality 2,211
Ferocity.png Ferocity 0
Healing Power.png Healing Power 0
Condition Damage.png Condition Damage 1,000