Snow Leopard Lodge

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Snow Leopard Lodge

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Snow Leopard Lodge map.jpg
Map of Snow Leopard Lodge

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Snow Leopard Lodge.jpg

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The projection of Snow Leopard that appears over the Snow Leopard Lodge.

The Snow Leopard Lodge is one of the four main lodges of Hoelbrak dedicated to Snow Leopard.


Waypoint (map icon).png Snow Leopard Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Snow Leopard Hallow
Vista (map icon).png Snow Leopard Vista —
Walk to the north of the vista, by the northern-most entrance to the Veins of the Dragon tunnels. Looking towards the vista, you'll see snow shelves to jump on. Jump on the first/lowest one, then jump across to the peak with the vista on it. Travel up the peak as far as you can, then walk down the side towards the snow shelves again. Jump on to the shelf (about the fourth one in -- there is a BIG gap between the first set of shelves and this one that you are jumping for). Follow the shelves up the mountainside, across another gap, back towards the vista peak. When you are on the last shelf, you will be able to ascend to the vista itself.





Karma Merchant (map icon).pngBatar
Speed Boon.pngVaxela of the Leopard's Walk

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Kol the Valiant: Ah, feel that icy air. Smell those evergreens. It's good to be alive.
Kol the Valiant: Ah, what a day to hunt. Or to drink. Or to drink and hunt.
Astyr Eyrbirgen: These snow leopards are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you, Brud.
Astyr Eyrbirgen: I haven't gone to see Valharantha in a long time. I wonder if she still thinks of me.
Local: Why would you give up the hunt to play with those little traps?
Trapper: Give up? You understand little. Some of us can both trap and hunt.
Local: Got any traps for frost wurms?
Trapper: No, but I bet I could make one.
Snow Leopard Shaman: Son of Snow Leopard. What troubles you?
Petitioner: Is it a crime to kill in silence? I strike my foes unseen. Is that cowardice?
Snow Leopard Shaman: Not for you. Snow Leopard cloaks the sound of your steps, and she guides your blade.
Petitioner: Then I've come to contemplate my kills.
Snow Leopard Shaman: You've come stained with blood. Meditate, and go with peace in your heart.
Snow Leopard Shaman: You walk quietly. Welcome to Snow Leopard's shrine.
Petitioner: I've spied on camps of grawl. I've stalked jotun and ambushed giants.
Snow Leopard Shaman: You honor your totem. Commune with Snow Leopard, and find truth in silence.
Hunter (1): Great smoke! The way he looked at you...
Hunter (2): Not interested. He has kids.
Iogaer Syllvang: Bear curse it! Useless turret, sitting there like a spark-shooting toy!
Iogaer Syllvang: This should be simpler. Maybe I chose poorly.
Nika Morkvist: You only see me coming when I choose.
Local: My son rushed off this morning to some secret meeting. I bet he's nuzzling up to that she-wolf I forbade him to see.
Local: None of your nonsense! The Spirits gave us our task, and that is what we'll do.
Local: We're hot-blooded. Why else do you think we wear so little armor?
Local: Facing Jormag is like facing ten thousand warriors. It's no simple battle, even for us.
Local: (growl) That was bracing! Nothing like a skinny dip to wake yourself up.
Local: With some men, it's hard to tell where they end and the armor begins.
Local: You look like you could wrestle a wolf and possibly even win!
Local: I admire your hair.
Sculptor: So do I.
Keil Hallinger: Welcome, one and all. You think Divinity's Reach has unusual creatures? Wait till you see my menagerie.
Keil Hallinger: Feast your senses upon these wonders, these amazing creatures from the farthest reaches of Tyria!
Carpenter: I bet I can design the biggest building in the world.
Local: Do it, then.
Carpenter: I will!
Local: Okay!
Carpenter: I'm going to design the biggest building in the world.
Local: Anyone can design. The real question is: can you build it?
Carpenter: You'll eat those doubts.
Local: We'll see.
Charr Traveler (1): He killed 'em for the skins! And he left the meat behind!
Charr Traveler (2): We should gather it all up and ship it back home.
Wyld Hunt Valiant: Warmth and light, wolf brother. My fellow knight and I are stalking the most challenging prey. We need your help.
Wolfborn: Well, sprout, spit it out. I have patrols to get to.
Wyld Hunt Valiant: Have you knowledge of an agent of the Nightmare Court passing through here?
Wolfborn: Nightmare what? (laugh) I think you took a wrong turn somewhere, my leafy friend. But don't wallow. Let me buy you an ale!
Wyld Hunt Valiant: (Sigh) Although it is imperative that we track down our quarry, I have been curious to try norn ale.
Nikolas Haraldsson: Beware. There are Sons of Svanir in the caves, devotees of Elder Dragon Jormag. They'll rip you apart if you're reckless.
Local (1): This morning, I woke up to find a badger in my bed.
Local (2): Ah, your husband: more prankster than hunter. I'm surprised he could catch a badger.
Local (1): I know. Apparently, he got it drunk on a bowl of ale first.
Local (2): Funny, that's how I ended up with my last boyfriend.
Gardener: I like plants because I can breed them to do what I want. Very obedient, plants.
Trapper: Trapped animals do what I want.
Gardener: I think that's different.