Tark Hall

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Tark Hall

Tark Hall map.jpg
Map of Tark Hall

Tark Hall locator.svg
Location within Rata Sum


Tark Hall.jpg

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Tark Hall is an area located on the bottom level of Rata Sum.





Ambient dialogue[edit]

Krewe Member (1): I’m tired of trudging through caves and swamps. I signed on to create, not collect.
Krewe Member (2): What do you mean? We’re important cogs in the Incinergen machine.
Krewe Member (1): Bah! You sound like a recruiter. You may be happy as a cog. Me? I want to be a piston.
Krewe Member (1): I thought I saw some Opticalium goons skulking around the lab today.
Krewe Member (2): Ooh. Interkrewe espionage. How exciting. We must really be onto something.
Krewe Member (1): Thaumaturgical research is always lucrative. Everyone needs new power sources.
Krewe Member: I don't believe I can return to my lab.
Krewe Recruiter: What happened?
Krewe Member: I dumped my krewe chief's toolbox and he practically exploded.
Krewe Recruiter: I know just the type. I once worked for Zojja.
Krewe Recruiter: Opticalium is definitely the place for an aspiring synergetics student.
Synergetics Apprentice: You want me to dirty my hands with practical applications?
Krewe Recruiter: Theorems may advance knowledge, but they do not advance your earnings.
Krewe Recruiter: When you get tired of eating noodles and broth, look me up.
Krewe Recruiter: Have you ever considered the exciting world of the Hydrone krewe?
Dynamics Apprentice: I have a cousin in Hydrone, and she spends all her time collecting... hylek secretions.
Krewe Recruiter: All that and more can be yours at Hydrone. Would you like an application?