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The Midnight King (achievements)

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The Midnight King is an achievement category that tracks the progress of the the 6th act of Secrets of the Obscure story.

Inner Nayos- Citadel of Zakiros (achievements).png
The Midnight King (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 19 Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 32Achievement points


  1. ^ A Sign of Respect: Once the scene at the table with both the kryptis and the Astral Ward is complete and Peitha has said she is "eternally grateful," everyone will bow and that is when you emote the salute.
  2. ^ Eparch Evader: You need to escape the pull attack Eparch does when reduced to 75% health in the first phase of the fight to get this achievement. Using Prototype Position Rewinder to teleport outside the throne room works.