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Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3

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Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 is an achievement category for achievements related to the third act of Secrets of the Obscure story.

Secrets of the Obscure- Act 3.png
Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 (Story Journal)
Total achievements: 10 Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 19Achievement points


  1. ^ Going the Extra Mile: You must be at the story step of the chapter Into the Obscure where you have just been given an Uncommon Kryptis Motivation (tier 2) by Kamilla. Using it opens a pop-up message (using a Rare Kryptis Motivation may not work). Then use the Scan for Rift mastery skill which will trigger a piece of dialogue. At this point, complete a tier 3 Rift Hunting event instead of a tier 2 event.
  2. ^ Securing the Bastions: Simply complete 1 event at each of the 6 bastions: Bastion of the Celestial, Bastion of Balance, Bastion of Strength, Bastion of the Obscure, Bastion of the Natural, and Bastion of Knowledge. This does not have to accomplished during the story chapter itself. It can be completed after.