Zommoros's Research Notes

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Zommoros's Research Notes

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Arcane Springs
(Mythwright Gambit)

Zommoros's Research Notes is a book that can be found in the Mythwright Gambit, submerged in the waters of the Fountain Room.


Crystal Desert


Zommoros's Research Notes

While I rarely leave the confines of my domain, I possess the finest and most robust collection of trinkets from around the world. Adventurers travel across Tyria, finding items of all sorts from locations multifarious, and toss them into my forge in the hopes of receiving something better in return.

Most of the time, the skritt handle the method of compensation. I have to imagine that's working out just fine, considering I've yet to receive any complaints that I've read.

Still, I admit that this system is not entirely perfect. For example, the wizard Isgarren came to my forge long ago seeking special compounds that I imagine were used for some magical purpose or another. I heard of this after the fact, and was most curious what one of his stature might want to get out of my collection! But upon closer investigation, I realized with a hint of despair that there was no record of what exactly Isgarren tossed into my forge, nor what he received in return, as the skritt are rather poor at maintaining proper documentation.

Also, their handwriting is quite terrible.

This has resulted in a much more robust plan to eventually implement a system that will record all of the items entering and exiting the forge. We've yet to put the plan into action, of course, as I like to give myself lots of time to stew over new ideas for the Mystic Forge operation before putting them in place. It's been a while, admittedly, but great ideas take time to perfect, and I have a lot of great ideas.

I maintain hope that someday that curious wizard will return with need of my services. Should the situation arise, I plan to inquire at length about the nature of his work and just where he has been all this time. But, until then, all I can do is have Miyani keep an ear to the ground. It has been a very long time since Isgarren has been seen or heard from, so I have my concerns.


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