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Disambig icon.png This article is about effect. For the NPC, see Drunk (NPC).



Effect type
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Have you had a little too much to drink?

— In-game description

Drunk is a flavor effect that can be acquired by consuming certain drinks, using certain skills or activating certain objects. Whoever already has one stack of it may be knocked down every time they get another stack. It caps at 25 stacks.



  • Each stack greatly increases the chances for the character to be knocked down the next time they receive the effect.
  • Each stack increases the chances to be randomly knocked down.
  • Each stack increases the chances to be knocked down when performing any action.
  • Each stack increases the chances to miss with any attack. With 25 stacks, most attacks will miss.
  • Using alcohol consumables doesn't cause this effect but does have purely visual effects and may affect the character's movement.
  • Also applied to Eladaar after investigating her old house.