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Nourishment food.png

Nourishment is an effect granted by using food consumables and are often used in tandem with Nourishment utility.png enhancements obtained from utility consumables. While food consumables include nearly every food-like consumable in the game, utility consumables include all other sources.

You can have a single nourishment active, unless noted in their description. The effect is replaced if you consume another item providing a nourishment, even if it is the same nourishment effect. Nourishment effects and utility effects are separate and can always stack with each other.

For example, you can stack the boosts from an Omnomberry Pie (a Nourishment food.png food) and an Artisan Maintenance Oil (a Nourishment utility.png utility), but eating another Omnomberry Pie will reapply the effect and restart the time instead adding time to its duration, and using a Chocolate Chip Cookie (another Nourishment food.png food) after the pie will result in the cookie's lesser boost replacing the pie's.

When a nourishment effect expires, the character will gain the Malnourished.png Malnourished effect for 5 minutes. The only purpose of the Malnourished effect is to act as a reminder that a nourishment has ended and has no other effects on the character.


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Some items display the wrong icon, for example, Slice of Watermelon is a food, but it generates a utility icon.


  • Originally, utility buffs ended after zoning, defeat, or logout. They were changed in an update to behave more like food.
  • Originally, Enhancements were also called Nourishments, but they were renamed to make it more clear they are different effects.