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Black Lion Trading Company gem store icon.png The Gem Store allows players to purchase various items using gems as currency. It is accessed through the Black Lion Trading Company panel (default O). Most items purchased are immediately delivered through the mail.


Gem Store interface
  • Gem Gems available are displayed in the top left corner.
    • Buy Gems: used to purchase gems with real-world money.
    • Redeem Code: used to enter a gem card code purchased from various retailers or a promotional item code.

The Gem Store items are split into different sections that contain various items:

Gem purchase price[edit]

Primary article: Gem

Gems can be bought in the following quantities using real world currency:

Gems 400 800 1600 2800 4000 8000
$ or € 5.00 10.00 20.00 35.00 50.00 100.00
£ 3.95 8.50 17.00 29.75 42.50 85.00

List of currently available Gem Store items[edit]

The below tables were last edited on April 10, 2024 at 00:14:34 UTC Edits do not always mean a change of offers; they can be e.g. typo fixes instead. As such; even if the time indicated here should lie after the last change of the Gem Store offers in game the below tables may still be outdated by these offers; be it whole or partially. Further; since the below tables are maintained voluntarily and manually there may be a lot of time between changes to the Gem Store and the below tables. Offers may as such also not fully reflect the in game offers; be it they are e.g. missing here but are present in game or are present here still even though they are long gone in game or have other inconsistencies to their in game equivalent. The only truly accurate way to check the offers is to do so in game. Caveat lector.. See this page to edit the data behind the below tables.


Item Cost

Armor piece skins
Aurene's Crystalline Claws.png Aurene's Crystalline Claws Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Aurene's Crystalline Diadem Skin.png Aurene's Crystalline Diadem Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Baggy Cargo Pants.png Baggy Cargo Pants Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Brawler's Silk Jacket.png Brawler's Silk Jacket Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Conjured Starlight Hat Skin.png Conjured Starlight Hat Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Dragon Mask.png Dragon Mask Skin 240 Gem (cropped).png
Etherbound Chestplate.png Etherbound Chestplate Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Etherbound Gauntlets.png Etherbound Gauntlets Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Etherbound Greaves.png Etherbound Greaves Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Etherbound Legguard.png Etherbound Legguard Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Etherbound Pauldrons.png Etherbound Pauldrons Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Fashionable Kilt.png Fashionable Kilt Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Fire Bloom Tattoo Pack.png Fire Bloom Tattoo Pack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Fuzzy Leopard Hat.png Fuzzy Leopard Hat Skin 200 Gem (cropped).png
Fuzzy Panda Hat.png Fuzzy Panda Hat Skin 200 Gem (cropped).png
Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin.png Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Glint's Gaze Mask.png Glint's Gaze Mask Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Heretical Scholar's Pauldrons.png Heretical Scholar's Pauldrons 400 Gem (cropped).png
Jade Prosthesis Gauntlet.png Jade Prosthesis Gauntlet Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Leather Straps Package.png Leather Straps Package 800 Gem (cropped).png
Lion Mask.png Lion Mask Skin 240 Gem (cropped).png
Magical Unicorn Horn Set.png Magical Unicorn Horn Set 500 Gem (cropped).png
Raven Gloves.png Raven Gloves Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Raven Helm.png Raven Helm Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Raven Mantle.png Raven Mantle 400 Gem (cropped).png
Sailor's Beanie.png Sailor's Beanie Skin 200 Gem (cropped).png
Salvaged Forged Gloves.png Salvaged Forged Gloves Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Salvaged Forged Helm.png Salvaged Forged Helm Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Shadow of the Dragon Gloves.png Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Skin 300 Gem (cropped).png
Shadow of the Dragon Helmet.png Shadow of the Dragon Helmet Skin 300 Gem (cropped).png
Shadow of the Dragon Shoulder.png Shadow of the Dragon Shoulder Skin 300 Gem (cropped).png
Shrine Guardian Ears Package.png Shrine Guardian Ears Package 500 Gem (cropped).png
Stylish Shoes Skin.png Stylish Shoes Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Swaggering Boots.png Swaggering Boots Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Swaggering Hat.png Swaggering Hat Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Top Hat.png Top Hat Skin 200 Gem (cropped).png
Vermilion Vambraces.png Vermilion Vambraces Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Chestguard.png Water Dragon Chestguard Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Gauntlets.png Water Dragon Gauntlets Skin 320 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Greaves.png Water Dragon Greaves Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Helm.png Water Dragon Helm Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Legguards.png Water Dragon Legguards Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Pauldrons.png Water Dragon Pauldrons Skin 320 Gem (cropped).png
Wizard's Hat.png Wizard's Hat Skin 200 Gem (cropped).png
Xera's Mask.png Xera's Mask Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Style combos
Bat Wings Glider Combo.png Bat Wings Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Black Wings Glider Combo.png Black Wings Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Branded Wing Backpack and Glider Combo.png Branded Wing Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Cute Angel Wings Backpack and Glider Combo.png Cute Angel Wings Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Dynamics Exo-Suit Glider Backpack Combo.png Dynamics Exo-Suit Glider Backpack Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Elegant Noble's Glider Combo.png Elegant Noble's Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Elemental Fury Backpack and Glider Combo.png Elemental Fury Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Infernal Envoy Backpack and Glider Combo.png Infernal Envoy Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
New Kaineng Cape and Glider Combo.png New Kaineng Cape and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Shattered Stone Wings Backpack and Glider Combo.png Shattered Stone Wings Backpack and Glider Combo 500 Gem (cropped).png
Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack Glider Combo.png Shiverpeaks Hunter Backpack Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Spellforged Glider Backpack Combo.png Spellforged Glider Backpack Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Sylph Wings Backpack and Glider Combo.png Sylph Wings Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Wings Backpack and Glider Combo.png Water Dragon Wings Backpack and Glider Combo 700 Gem (cropped).png
Armor set skins
Braham's Heavy Armor Skin.png Braham's Heavy Armor Skin 800 Gem (cropped).png
Magitech Medium Armor Skin.png Magitech Medium Armor Skin 800 Gem (cropped).png
Phoenix Light Armor Skin.png Phoenix Light Armor Skin 800 Gem (cropped).png
Back item skins
Defiant Glass Backpack.png Defiant Glass Backpack Skin 400 Gem (cropped).png
Dread Quiver Backpack (package).png Dread Quiver Backpack 350 Gem (cropped).png
Emblazoned Cape (package).png Emblazoned Cape 500 Gem (cropped).png
Glittering Wings Backpack (package).png Glittering Wings Backpack 500 Gem (cropped).png
Herald of Aurene Cape (package).png Herald of Aurene Cape 500 Gem (cropped).png
Rox's Quiver Set.png Rox's Quiver Set 600 Gem (cropped).png
Sloth Backpack (package).png Sloth Backpack 500 Gem (cropped).png
Tempest Cape (package).png Tempest Cape 500 Gem (cropped).png
Trapper's Fur Cape Skin (package).png Trapper's Fur Cape Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Tropical Feathered Cape.png Tropical Feathered Cape 500 Gem (cropped).png
"Hiss" Emote Tome.png "/Hiss" Emote Tome 300 Gem (cropped).png
"Readbook" Emote Tome.png "/Readbook" Emote Tome 400 Gem (cropped).png
"Serve" Emote Tome.png "/Serve" Emote Tome 400 Gem (cropped).png
How to Dance, Volume 1.png How to Dance, Volume 1 400 Gem (cropped).png
Permanent Choya Finisher.png Permanent Choya Finisher 700 Gem (cropped).png
Permanent Llama Finisher.png Permanent Llama Finisher 800 Gem (cropped).png
Permanent Sandshark Finisher.png Permanent Sandshark Finisher 600 Gem (cropped).png
Glider skins
Bloodstone Glider.png Bloodstone Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Celestial Rooster Glider.png Celestial Rooster Glider 400 Gem (cropped).png
Cosmic Surfer Glider.png Cosmic Surfer Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Cryomancer Glider.png Cryomancer Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Flying Boar Glider.png Flying Boar Glider 400 Gem (cropped).png
Fox Spirit Glider.png Fox Spirit Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Frostfire Glider.png Frostfire Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Geomancer Glider.png Geomancer Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Glide-r-Tron.png Glide-r-Tron 500 Gem (cropped).png
Phoenix Glider.png Phoenix Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Sheet Music Glider.png Sheet Music Glider 400 Gem (cropped).png
Soul River Glider.png Soul River Glider 500 Gem (cropped).png
Zephyrite Paraglider Glider.png Zephyrite Paraglider Glider 400 Gem (cropped).png
Jade Bot skins
Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin.png Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Mount skins
Armored Tiger Warclaw Skin.png Armored Tiger Warclaw Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Awakened Mounts Pack.png Awakened Mounts Pack 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Canthan Nian Warclaw Mounts Pack.png Canthan Nian Warclaw Mounts Pack 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License.png Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License 400 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 1,800 Gem (cropped).png
15 for 5,100 Gem (cropped).png
Exotic Breeds Mount Select License.png Exotic Breeds Mount Select License 1,200 Gem (cropped).png
Fluffy Samoyed Jackal Skin.png Fluffy Samoyed Jackal Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Grand Lion Griffon Skin.png Grand Lion Griffon Skin 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Lost Era Mount Adoption License.png Lost Era Mount Adoption License 400 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 1,800 Gem (cropped).png
15 for 5,100 Gem (cropped).png
Lost Era Mount Select License.png Lost Era Mount Select License 1,200 Gem (cropped).png
Mistborn Mount Adoption License.png Mistborn Mount Adoption License 320 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 1,440 Gem (cropped).png
15 for 4,080 Gem (cropped).png
Mistborn Mount Select License.png Mistborn Mount Select License 960 Gem (cropped).png
Mordrem Alpha Jackal Skin.png Mordrem Alpha Jackal Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Mossback Skimmer Skin.png Mossback Skimmer Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Mount Select License.png Mount Select License 960 Gem (cropped).png
Reclaimed Bonds Mount Adoption License.png Reclaimed Bonds Mount Adoption License 400 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 1,800 Gem (cropped).png
15 for 5,100 Gem (cropped).png
Reclaimed Bonds Mount Select License.png Reclaimed Bonds Mount Select License 1,200 Gem (cropped).png
Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin.png Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Shell Surfer Skimmer Skin.png Shell Surfer Skimmer Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin.png Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Siege Turtle Advent Mounts Pack.png Siege Turtle Advent Mounts Pack 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Synergetics Cyberhound Skin.png Synergetics Cyberhound Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin.png Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Warclaw Frontline Mount Pack.png Warclaw Frontline Mount Pack 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Woodland Sprite Springer Skin.png Woodland Sprite Springer Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Ancestral Outfit.png Ancestral Outfit 560 Gem (cropped).png
Arcane Outfit.png Arcane Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Braham's Wolfblood Outfit.png Braham's Wolfblood Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Crystal Arbiter Outfit.png Crystal Arbiter Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Crystal Nomad Outfit.png Crystal Nomad Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Dwayna's Regalia Outfit.png Dwayna's Regalia Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit.png Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Eve's Prophecies Outfit.png Eve's Prophecies Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Frostfire Outfit.png Frostfire Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Imperial Guard Outfit.png Imperial Guard Outfit 560 Gem (cropped).png
Imperial Outfit.png Imperial Outfit 560 Gem (cropped).png
Infernal Envoy Outfit.png Infernal Envoy Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Jade Tech Outfit.png Jade Tech Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Jungle Explorer Outfit.png Jungle Explorer Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Kasmeer's Regal Outfit.png Kasmeer's Regal Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Magical Outfit.png Magical Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Mursaat Robes.png Mursaat Robes Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Noble Count Outfit.png Noble Count Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Pharaoh's Regalia Outfit.png Pharaoh's Regalia Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Primeval Dervish Outfit.png Primeval Dervish Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Rox's Pathfinder Outfit.png Rox's Pathfinder Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Shadow Assassin Outfit.png Shadow Assassin Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Shrine Guardian Outfit.png Shrine Guardian Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Wedding Attire Outfit.png Wedding Attire Outfit 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
White Mantle Outfit.png White Mantle Outfit 700 Gem (cropped).png
Skiff skins
Crescent Canoe Skiff Skin.png Crescent Canoe Skiff Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Dreadnought Skiff Skin.png Dreadnought Skiff Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Dynamics Racing Skiff Skin.png Dynamics Racing Skiff Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Jade Tech Skiff Skin.png Jade Tech Skiff Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Queensdale Academic Skiff Skin.png Queensdale Academic Skiff Skin 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Weapon skins
Arcane Marksman Pistol.png Arcane Marksman Pistol Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Arcane Marksman Rifle.png Arcane Marksman Rifle Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Aspect Master's Greatsword.png Aspect Master's Greatsword 600 Gem (cropped).png
Baleful Dragon Pistol.png Baleful Dragon Pistol Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Devil-Rending Axe.png Devil-Rending Axe Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Devil-Rending Dagger.png Devil-Rending Dagger Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Dragon Kama.png Dragon Kama Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Eir's Legacy Longbow.png Eir's Legacy Longbow 600 Gem (cropped).png
Elegant Fan.png Elegant Fan Focus Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Exo-Rifle.png Exo-Rifle Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Heretical Scholar's Staff.png Heretical Scholar's Staff Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Hourglass Staff.png Hourglass Staff Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Infernal Envoy Staff.png Infernal Envoy Staff Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Infernal Roar.png Infernal Roar Warhorn Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Infused Blades Package.png Infused Blades Package 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Lord Caudecus's Pistol.png Lord Caudecus's Pistol Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Lord Caudecus's Sword.png Lord Caudecus's Sword Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Seven-Branched Sword.png Seven-Branched Sword Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Shield of the Goddess.png Shield of the Goddess Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Solar Flare Rifle.png Solar Flare Rifle Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Suntouched Scythe.png Suntouched Scythe Staff Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Synergetics Energized Shield.png Synergetics Energized Shield Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Water Dragon Spear.png Water Dragon Spear Skin 500 Gem (cropped).png
Wolfheart Shield.png Wolfheart Shield Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Wolfheart Sword.png Wolfheart Sword Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png


Item Cost

Black Lion Chest Key.png Black Lion Chest Key 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 359 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 1,680 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Salvage Kit.png Black Lion Salvage Kit 300 Gem (cropped).png
Blue Shift Dye Kit.png Blue Shift Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Unidentified Dye (crafted).png Dye Pack 200 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 800 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 4,000 Gem (cropped).png
Elonian Beasts Dye Kit.png Elonian Beasts Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Experience Booster.png Experience Booster 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 450 Gem (cropped).png
20 for 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Heroic Booster.png Heroic Booster 150 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 637 Gem (cropped).png
20 for 2,100 Gem (cropped).png
Identity Repair Kit.png Identity Repair Kit 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Magic Find Booster.png Item Booster 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 450 Gem (cropped).png
20 for 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Lion's Arch Rebuild Dye Kit.png Lion's Arch Rebuild Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Metabolic Primer.png Metabolic Primer 150 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 550 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,625 Gem (cropped).png
Metallurgic Dye Kit.png Metallurgic Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Monstrous Dye Kit.png Monstrous Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Mystic Forge Stone.png Mystic Forge Stone 5 for 250 Gem (cropped).png
10 for 450 Gem (cropped).png
Name Change Contract.png Name Change Contract 640 Gem (cropped).png
Primordus Dye Kit.png Primordus Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Revive Orb.png Revive Orb 250 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 900 Gem (cropped).png
Smooth Berry Dye Kit.png Smooth Berry Dye Kit 125 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 500 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,500 Gem (cropped).png
Solar and Lunar Dye Kit.png Solar and Lunar Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Taimi's Dye Kit.png Taimi's Dye Kit 100 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 400 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Transmutation Charge (item).png Transmutation Charge 5 for 120 Gem (cropped).png
10 for 216 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 480 Gem (cropped).png
Upgrade Extractor.png Upgrade Extractor 3 for 250 Gem (cropped).png
10 for 700 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 1,500 Gem (cropped).png
Utility Primer.png Utility Primer 150 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 550 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 2,625 Gem (cropped).png
Town services
Armistice Bastion Pass.png Armistice Bastion Pass 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks).png Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Bank Access Express.png Bank Access Express 35 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 125 Gem (cropped).png
Golem Banker.png Banker Golem (2 weeks) 500 Gem (cropped).png
Basic Cloth Rack.png Basic Cloth Rack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Basic Harvesting Node Pack.png Basic Harvesting Node Pack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Basic Leather Rack.png Basic Leather Rack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Basic Lumber Node Pack.png Basic Lumber Node Pack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Basic Ore Node Pack.png Basic Ore Node Pack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png Black Lion Garden Plot Deed 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Hunters Contract 1,200 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Industry Contract 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Captain's Airship Pass (2 weeks).png Captain's Airship Pass (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic.png Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic 800 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hunters Contract.png End of Dragons Expedition Contract 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Steam Elite Jump-Start Package.png Guild Wars 2 Elite Jump-Start Package 2,400 Gem (cropped).png
Home Portal Stone.png Home Portal Stone 900 Gem (cropped).png
Instant Repair Canister.png Instant Armor-Reinforcing Canister 35 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 150 Gem (cropped).png
Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks).png Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Merchant Express.png Merchant Express 35 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 125 Gem (cropped).png
Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (2 weeks).png Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Noble's Folly Pass.png Noble's Folly Pass 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Nobles Folly Pass.png Noble's Folly Pass (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Royal Pass.png Royal Pass (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic.png Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic 600 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Season 3 Expedition Contract 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Season 4 Expedition Contract 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Self-Style Hair Kit.png Self-Style Hair Kit 200 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 800 Gem (cropped).png
Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic.png Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic 500 Gem (cropped).png
Thousand Seas Pavilion Pass (2 weeks).png Thousand Seas Pavilion Pass (2 weeks) 150 Gem (cropped).png
Total Makeover Kit.png Total Makeover Kit 280 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 1,120 Gem (cropped).png
Tradesman's Package.png Tradesman's Package 100 Gem (cropped).png
10 for 800 Gem (cropped).png
Trading Post Express.png Trading Post Express 50 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 200 Gem (cropped).png
Weekly Black Lion Supply Package.png Weekly Black Lion Supply Package 400 Gem (cropped).png
Utility combos
Account Bump.png Account Bump 800 Gem (cropped).png
Gathering tools
Butterfly Harvesting Flute.png Butterfly Harvesting Flute 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Consortium Harvesting Sickle.png Consortium Harvesting Sickle 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Firefly Mining Flute.png Firefly Mining Flute 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Frost Wasp Logging Tool.png Frost Wasp Logging Tool 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Fused Molten Logging Axe.png Fused Molten Logging Axe 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Fused Molten Sickle.png Fused Molten Sickle 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Geomantic Fishing Rod.png Geomantic Fishing Rod Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Glitter Bomb Harvesting Tool.png Glitter Bomb Harvesting Tool 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Infinite Fishing Lure.png Infinite Fishing Lure 800 Gem (cropped).png
Infinite Spirits of the Wild Gathering Tools.png Infinite Spirits of the Wild Gathering Tools 2,700 Gem (cropped).png
Infinite Vermilion Gathering Tools.png Infinite Vermilion Gathering Tools 2,700 Gem (cropped).png
Jack-in-the-Box Scythe.png Jack-in-the-Box Scythe 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Molten Alliance Mining Pick.png Molten Alliance Mining Pick 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Red Crane Fishing Rod.png Red Crane Fishing Rod Skin 600 Gem (cropped).png
Swarm Logging Flute.png Swarm Logging Flute 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Unbreakable Gathering Tools.png Unbreakable Gathering Tools 2,400 Gem (cropped).png


Item Cost

Account upgrades
Aviator Quaggan Mail Carrier.png Aviator Quaggan Mail Carrier 500 Gem (cropped).png
Bank Tab Expansion.png Bank Tab Expansion 600 Gem (cropped).png
Build Storage Expansion.png Build Storage Expansion 250 Gem (cropped).png
Confetti Mail Delivery.png Confetti Mail Delivery 300 Gem (cropped).png
Digital Deluxe Upgrade.png Digital Deluxe Upgrade 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Exalted Mail Courier.png Exalted Mail Courier 500 Gem (cropped).png
Ghostly Mail Courier.png Ghostly Mail Courier 500 Gem (cropped).png
Gifts Mail Delivery.png Gifts Mail Delivery 350 Gem (cropped).png
Griffon Mail Carrier.png Griffon Mail Carrier 500 Gem (cropped).png
Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons—Deluxe Upgrade.png Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons—Deluxe Upgrade 2,400 Gem (cropped).png
Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns—Deluxe Upgrade.png Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns—Deluxe Upgrade 2,400 Gem (cropped).png
Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire—Deluxe Upgrade.png Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire—Deluxe Upgrade 2,400 Gem (cropped).png
Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure—Deluxe Upgrade.png Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure—Deluxe Upgrade 2,400 Gem (cropped).png
Red Envelope Mail Carrier.png Red Envelope Mail Carrier 480 Gem (cropped).png
Revenant Mail Carrier.png Revenant Mail Carrier 350 Gem (cropped).png
Shared Inventory Slot.png Shared Inventory Slot 700 Gem (cropped).png
3 for 1,890 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 2,800 Gem (cropped).png
Snow Owl Mail Carrier.png Snow Owl Mail Carrier 350 Gem (cropped).png
Storage Expander.png Storage Expander 800 Gem (cropped).png
Sylvari Seed Pod Mail Carrier.png Sylvari Seed Pod Mail Carrier 350 Gem (cropped).png
Character upgrades
Additional Crafting License.png Additional Crafting License 800 Gem (cropped).png
Bag Slot Expansion.png Bag Slot Expansion 400 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Hero Point Scroll.png Black Lion Hero Point Scroll 50 Gem (cropped).png
5 for 225 Gem (cropped).png
25 for 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket.png Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket 1,600 Gem (cropped).png
Build Template Expansion.png Build Template Expansion 300 Gem (cropped).png
Character Slot Expansion.png Character Slot Expansion 800 Gem (cropped).png
Equipment Template Expansion.png Equipment Template Expansion 500 Gem (cropped).png
Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device.png Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device 400 Gem (cropped).png
Recharging Teleport to Friend.png Recharging Teleport to Friend 800 Gem (cropped).png
Waypoint Unlock Box.png Waypoint Unlock Box 600 Gem (cropped).png
World Boss Portal Device.png World Boss Portal Device 400 Gem (cropped).png
Living World
Living World Season 2 Complete Pack.png Living World Season 2 Complete Pack 1,280 Gem (cropped).png
Living World Season 3 Complete Pack.png Living World Season 3 Complete Pack 960 Gem (cropped).png
Living World Season 4 Complete Pack.png Living World Season 4 Complete Pack 960 Gem (cropped).png
Prologue- Bound by Blood.png The Icebrood Saga Complete Pack 960 Gem (cropped).png
Travel with Friends Package.png Travel with Friends Package 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Upgrade combos
Account Jump Start.png Account Jump Start 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Package.png Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Package 2,000 Gem (cropped).png
End of Dragons Preparation Pack.png End of Dragons Preparation Pack 3,000 Gem (cropped).png
Expansion Waypoint Unlock Package.png Expansion Waypoint Unlock Package 1,000 Gem (cropped).png
Steam Welcome Pack.png Guild Wars 2 Welcome Pack 800 Gem (cropped).png
Sensational Storage Package.png Sensational Storage Package 1,500 Gem (cropped).png


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Seasonal inventory[edit]

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Combos, or more often packages or rarely bundles, are offers that contain more than one item. They usually offer a discount on their contents compared to purchasing each of them individually.

Temporarily unavailable items[edit]

  • Items which are temporarily unavailable for purchase due to being part of a seasonal, theme- or festivities-related inventory can be found at Gem Store/unavailable.

Historical items[edit]

Special sales[edit]



Gem Store callouts[edit]

  • "New!" ― This label indicates new items that have appeared in the store for the first time.
  • "Returning!" ― This label indicates items that are available in the store occasionally and are currently on sale after being temporarily unavailable.
  • "{sale}% Off!" ― This label indicates discounted items whose current price is {sale}% lower than the regular price.
  • "Free" ― This label indicates items that can be picked up for free.
  • "Free Ending Soon!" ― This note informs that the opportunity to pick up the item for free will soon expire.
  • "{days} Days Left!"
  • "Available for {days} days only!"
  • "Only {time} left!" — The item is available in the store for a limited time only. When the time elapses the item will be taken off the store.
  • "Only {time} left at this price!" ― The item is currently being offered at a reduced price for a limited time. When the time elapses the item will either revert to its regular price or will be taken off the store, depending on other messages.
  • "Only {quantity} left!"
  • "Only {quantity} left at this price!"
  • "Sale Ending Soon!" ― The item will stop being available in the store soon. In spite of the word "sale", this message doesn't necessarily mean the item is currently being offered for a reduced price, just that it is available temporarily.
  • "Sale Ending!"
  • Trading Post Pickup.png "You can buy {amount} more at this price." ― This note informs that the item can only be purchased in a limited {amount} per account, whether at regular or discounted price.
  • Trading Post Pickup.png "Limited time left at this price!" ― The item is currently being offered at a reduced price for a limited time. The time left is currently greater than one day. When the countdown enters the last 24 hours, the message will switch to a {time} countdown.
  • "You have already purchased the maximum number of this item."


Sometimes purchases will not be immediately delivered via mail; if this happens, deleting 1-2 existing messages often resolves the issue.
Gem Store image unavailable.png
  • The Gem Store is actually a regular website, which the game renders by using a built-in browser engine. If you're having trouble viewing it, check your firewall or antivirus settings and make sure the game is allowed to access ports 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS, respectively).
  • When opening the Black Lion Trading Company by interfacing with a Black Lion Trader, the Trading Post, not the Gem Store is the default panel. Switch to the Gem Store using the Black Lion Trading Company gem store icon.png icon on the navigation bar.
  • Gem prices in USD ($) do not include Sales Tax. This is added at the time of gem purchase depending on the State of residence.
  • Gem prices in EURO (€) already include 20% VAT.
  • Free accounts can neither gift items nor purchase some items, including gliders, passes, and the Plush Quaggan Backpack Set.
  • As of the July 11, 2017, update, the store interface was changed to a modern version with a drop-down menu.[1]
  • Occasionally, server-side stored images (not retrievable via the API) of offers are not showing properly and may be replaced by the "service unavailable" image shown on the right.
  • As of September, 2018, players in Belgium are no longer able to buy loot boxes and related items (such as chest keys, dye kits, and certain packs featuring random content) due to the introduction of an anti-gambling law in games.[2]
    • Regionally restricted items have the following notice in the Gem Store: "This item is not available to purchase in your region."