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Disambig icon.pngThis article is about the warrior skill type. For various consumables produced by guilds, see guild banner.

Banners are a warrior skill type that apply buffs to their allies. Once summoned, banners function as an environmental weapon. They can then be replanted to a different location to follow the flow of the battle. Banners cannot be interacted with by non-allies and are indestructible.


[edit] List of banner skills

Banner Description
Banner of Defense.png
 Banner of Defense
Place a banner that increases toughness and vitality for you and nearby allies.
Banner of Discipline.png
 Banner of Discipline
Place a banner that improves precision and critical damage for you and nearby allies.
Banner of Strength.png
 Banner of Strength
Place a banner that improves power and condition damage for you and nearby allies.
Banner of Tactics.png
 Banner of Tactics
Place a banner that increases healing power and boon duration for you and nearby allies.
Battle Standard.png
 Battle Standard
Place a battle standard that revives fallen allies and grants fury, might, and swiftness to allies.


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Stab (banner skill).png
0.5½ 0 Stab a foe with your banner.
Staggering Baner.png
 Staggering Baner
0.75¾ 10 Push back nearby foes with a staggering blow.
Furious Rally.png
 Furious Rally
1 10 Inspire nearby allies, granting fury.
Brutal Banner.png
 Brutal Banner
0.75¾ 10 Strike a foe with your banner and inflict vulnerability.
Compassionate Banner.png
 Compassionate Banner
1 10 Inspire nearby allies, healing them.
Whirlwind Banner.png
 Whirlwind Banner
1 15 Inspire neary [sic] allies granting stability.
1 15 Inspire nearby allies, granting swiftness.
10.25¼ 15 Run forward with your banner, striking your target when you get close.
Plant Standard.png
 Plant Standard
1 10 Plant the standard back in the ground.
  • The slot 2 skill is specific to each banner.

[edit] Related traits

Warrior tango icon 20px.png Strength
Warrior tango icon 20px.png Tactics

[edit] Trivia

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