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On Elonian Wine

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On Elonian Wine

On Elonian Wine.jpg

Mythwright Gambit
(Crystal Desert)
On Elonian Wine is a book that can be found in the Mythwright Gambit, on a table in the Private Reserve.


Crystal Desert


(This appears to be an excerpt from a larger journal that was written by Zommoros.)

Djinnspit is the most popular vintage of wine in Elona. I take issue with that—not simply because it's a subpar wine manufactured by soulless husks of vintners who care more for money than the art of wine making. Quite simply, it's deceptive marketing.

When it comes to proper Elonian wine, there are numerous alternatives to the run-of-the-mill Djinnspit (hereafter referred to as "common swill").

A few years ago, some foolhardy adventurer tossed down four bottles of Seborhin 1071, a delightful and most unfortunately rare vintage with hints of jammy, but not overpowering, blackberry, anise, vanilla, and just the subtlest touch of licorice. However, that is not my favorite.

No, my favorite is, most surprisingly, something I'd consider a throwaway: Jackspruce Jacaranda. It is not made with jacaranda, of course, but seems to be a grape blend taken from all across the Crystal Oasis. The label is drawn with a most endearing style (showing a jacaranda summoning a lightning bolt into a wine glass), but it is the flavor combination that is most memorable, with a strong and ever-changing floral aroma that evokes the feeling of flying over the Crystal Oasis's most beautiful locales.

My wine collection has grown to a most absurd size, but due to the...UNIQUE conditions that exist within my realm, wine never seems to spoil. Therefore, it would seem I have plenty of time to sample the others to see where they fall in my ever-expanding list of favorites.


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