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Return to Steel and Fire

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Return to Steel and Fire is an achievement category for returning for Living World Season 5 episodes Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire.

Visions of the Past- Steel and Fire.png
Return to Steel and Fire (Side Stories)
Total achievements: 10 25Achievement points


  1. ^ Back to the Past: The following instances and story steps count for this achievement:
    Canach's Lair — to access it, complete the Darkrime Delves story chapter, interact with the Message in Hall of Monuments, find the Discarded Landmine Fuse in Bakestone Cavern
    The Nightmare Incarnate — accessed via Living World Season 1, Episode 4, Tower of Nightmares
    Other instances or strike missions (Forging Steel) do not count for it, despite also being accessed through the Scrying Pool.