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Shiny weapons are standalone weapons initially released during the Special event Destabilized Magic, June 11 to June 25, 2019. Collecting all 5 weapons as well as their Ultra Shiny weapon versions awards the Ultra Shiny collection achievement.

Following the Special event, the Condensed Ley-Line Essences can be obtained for  Gaeting Crystal.png Gaeting Crystals.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Shiny Pistol.png Shiny Pistol Pistol
Off hand
Shiny Torch.png Shiny Torch Torch
Shiny Rifle.png Shiny Rifle Rifle
Shiny Short Bow.png Shiny Short Bow Short bow
Shiny Staff.png Shiny Staff Staff



Contained in[edit]


Item Rarity Ingredients
Shiny Pistol.png Shiny Pistol ERare
Shiny Rifle.png Shiny Rifle ERare
Shiny Short Bow.png Shiny Short Bow ERare
Shiny Staff.png Shiny Staff ERare
Shiny Torch.png Shiny Torch ERare

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